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baby, im amazed by you <3 (how I met my fiancee)


So since Valentines Day is coming up, I think I'll tell the story of how Courtney and I met. It was June 5, and I had drank the night before and sprained my ankle pretty badly and really wasnt in the mood to go, but that day was the annual Gay Pride Convention in Asbury Park, about 20 minutes away from where I lived. I went, and boy was I in pain! I hobbled around the whole time miserable. My friend suddenly yells, "Theres my ex!" and runs in this girl's direction. I hobble over and theyre talking so im just kind of looking around when I noticed her. She was there with the girl my friend ran up to. She stopped me in my tracks, she was so hot! She had a mowhawk and was dressed like the kind of girl I like. I think I fell for her right then. When there was a break in talking I asked Morgan (my friend's ex) who she was, and if she was single. She was! Now, there is just the matter of saying something. I was battling with myself the whole time we were standing there, deciding whether or not to say something and by the time we knew it, we were walking away. I had to say something, but I didnt want to walk all the way back there cause I was in pain so I asked my friend to go tell her I thought she was beautiful. I was so nervous but then she called me back over and we started talking. We exchanged numbers and parted ways, (she had to go home). I couldnt stop thinking about her.. so I texted her about 10 minutes after she left and told her so. We didnt stop texting until I went to bed that night, about 6 hours. We made a plan to meet up the next day in Red Bank, and we did. I took her back to Highlands and we went to the beach, turns out she used to live there lol! Anyways, When it came time for me to drop her off home, neither of us wanted to leave. She asked me to come back and sleep there that night, and I did. We havent spent a night apart since <3

can't go back, im haunted..

Wow so much going on.. I changed the layout again, but I think I am quite happy with this one. I used a web template from Saviourr.net, I really like everything about her site. I picked up a new case at work and i've been soo busy with that.. I only get one day off but I need the money. I really do need to go to the doctor and see what they can do about the polyp next to my tear duct, the headaches have been getting bad. They keep telling me I am getting them from chrinic sinusitus but I have been on antibiotics before and nothing ever cleared it up so whatever they say. They also cant seem to decide whether or not I had a stroke which is really annoying! One doc says yes, the other says no. I dont get it :/ Whatever, anyways.. I added alot of celebrity png's, well over 100. Check them out and see what you can use!

i'm feelin yummy head to toe;

Man am I glad to be back! Im loving being back in the siteworld, and editing and communicating and requests.. its so FUN <3 I added the patterns and fonts pages and a bunch of affies. I put up my tutorials from before and I plan to make more. The only reason I didnt put up much else is because when I'm not happy with my domain layout, I cant concentrate on making content! I will open photoshop and that's what i'll do, try to make another and I always get frustrated and close it. FINALLY, I have this amazing Taylor swift one (: Requests are all finished, and now I can start on my content! I'm still happily living with Courtney, enjoying everything about it. I have gotten a job as a home health aide, and Courtney now works at our local supermarket in the deli and seafood depts. Life is so good! Im appreciateive of everything right now, and I am blissfully in love. What else could I ask for?

Santa babyy <3

Just a quickie about my Christmas. Courtney got me a Slytherin scarf, an IPOD with a Slytherin case, a personalized welcome letter to Hogwarts, and the Elder wand! <3 She is sooo fuckin wonderful I love it. I got her I love Lucy seasons 1 & 2, a bob marley tshirt, another tshirt that says, "Yes I am and no you can't watch.", Taylor Swift's tour DVD and her Fearless album, the Victoious soundtrack, Senses fail tickets, a pair of big headphones, this thing thats like a Kinect but just hooks to your TV and has 60 built in games, and a Nirvana memorabilia set. I think thats all of it lol

guess who's back, guess who's back (:

Hi everyone! I used to be iimmortal.info but something happened and my host disappeared and I lost EVERYTHING. Please be patient with me, I have to start everything all over.. Im working on setting everything up for now. There is alot of work to do. So I am living in an apartment now with my girlfriend, its so lovely that I get to be with her all the time. I love this feeling. I still cannot find work as hard as I try but I wont give up. My mom wont even look at me right now cause im not working which is really awesome. I recently got to go to Maine and watch my baby sister graduate High School! Im really very proud of her. She means everything to me and to watch her walk across that stage, it was such a happy moment for me! So thats everything thats going on since the site crashed. Im sure there is more, but yeah.
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