Flesh Eater
After terrifying millions of moviegoers for over 30 years, the graveyard ghoul from George Romero's classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is back and hungrier than ever!
 The Archive Vol. 1
Collection of news and performances of folk music dating from the early 1950's to the new millennium. See how the music has evolved over the years...
 XCW Halloween Doom!!

XCW Wrestling is high-flying, high-energy, high-impact professional wrestling at its best! A perfect mix of classic wrestling, smack talking, over the top moves that will leave you breathless, and add in some of the most hardcore wrestling and you have just one night of XCW Wrestling. The XCW Wrestling audience ranges from 6 years old to 60, XCW Wrestling entertains them all!

1. Madea's Family Reunion $30.2M
2. Eight Below $15.7M
3. The Pink Panther $11.3M
4. Date Movie $9.2M
5. Curious George $7M


Iraqi War
Untold Stories

Duck! Carbine
High Massacre

Survivor Beach
 Into Thin Air
Two pretty girls are sitting around in their bikinis pondering what to do with their days when another person is plotting a hex upon them!
 Lust For Dracula
Lust for Dracula is a sexy, stylish re-interpretation of the classic Bram Stoker story that weaves a dark and tragic tale of madness, obsession, transformation and death.
 Beyond Bizarre
The intention is not to shock you, merely to allow you to experience the event the way it happened and give you a glimpse of another culture's customs and traditions
 The Undertow
Six friends discover a local town hides a terrible secret. A seven-foot-tall deformed maniac, known as 'The Boy.'
 Lust In Space
The final exciting installment in Seduction Cinemas popular The Erotic Witch Project series takes the sensual adventure to the farthest reaches of outer space!
 Suburban Nightmare
Despite the appearance of a loving American family, they are cannibalistic monsters who take great pleasure in torturing and murdering neighbors in their basement
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Inbred Redneck
Alien Abduction
Government special agents are sent to the hills of Arkansas to investigate an alien abduction. They meet and "team-up" with some back woods hillbillies to infiltrate the alien's mother ship. Once aboard, hillbillies and government agents alike must fight for their lives!
 From HorrorVOD.com
Strange things happen at Pea Tree Apartments. An evil dwells there, feeding on the hate and selfishness of some of the residents. Other residents become the victims of this evil, which corrupts their souls before attacking their bodies. Screams of the mutilated emerge from every apartment.
 From VOD After Dark
The most acclaimed masterpiece of erotic cinema ever created, Joseph Sarno's Inga stars the stunningly beautiful Marie Liljedahl as an innocent and naive young woman on the verge of sexual awakening. Filmed entirely in Sweden, Inga brims with a European sensuality and eroticism.
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History of Motion Pictures
Step into the magic world of motion pictures. Learn from great masters the intricate and fascinating art of motion photography. Witness how even the best names in the industry goof up at times. One of the earliest movie shorts was a collection of 15-30 second scenarios created by the Lumiere Brothers in France...
 From VOD After Dark
Let Veronika Blu take you on a seduction journey as she lets you watch her in the shower! See her smooth, silky skin steam up from the heat of the warm, cascading water as she slides her hands all over her beautiful, supple body. She lathers up and then rinses off as you let your imagination run wild
 Superman Returns
Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic action-adventure Superman Returns.
 X-Men 3 (X3)
When a cure is found to treat mutations, lines are drawn amongst the X-Men
 Underworld Evolution
As the war between vampires and werewolves rages on, the legacy of both races is revealed.
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