ONEFASTBUFFALO is a tribe of brand consultants, design communicators, and artists. Founded in 1999, we have made it our mission to propel our client’s brands and inspire their customers to emotionally engage the brand. We work with senior executives to translate complex business strategies into comprehensive communications platforms.

In short, we enhance your brand.

OneFastBuffalo offers a full range of visual communication services to our clients. We are specialists in brand assessment, naming, brand and marketing strategy, corporate identity, graphic design, environmental design, media planning, placement, and research. We know how to simplify the core essence of who you are and create a common culture of brand experiences that ultimately builds your business. We craft clarity from complexity.

To achieve this, we take on the role of advisor, partner, strategist, design guru, and brand guardian. We begin each relationship by developing a solid platform for creative. We define the core traits of your brand and develop a roadmap for success. Then, we execute that creative IN-HOUSE. You will meet our design team.

Our clients share a single commonality; their desire to change perception and the opportunity this shift presents to enhance their business. Development of a unique brand comes from the creation of a unique presence in the marketplace.

Every brand challenge is different depending on your company, your culture, your competitive environment and current state of your brand. Regardless of these variables, we can begin the branding conversation with you. When we meet with you, we will explore your challenges, and our team will collaborate to ultimately transform your challenges into your unique competitive advantage.
What issues are you facing?
Every brand challenge is different depending on your company, your culture, your competitive environment and where your brand and your customers are today.
Do your customers understand your brand?
Is your business diversifying requiring your brand to evolve?
Is your brand dated or out-of-step with your new customers?
Do you have a new competitor who has changed the rules in your industry?
Have your customers changed and you haven’t changed with them?
Is your environment compelling,_creating a powerful experience for your customers?
Is your brand a business asset because it creates customer preference and loyalty?
How can we help?
OneFastBuffalo can help our clients:
Launch a new company or division
Introduce a new product or service
Attract new investors
Improve your corporate image
Reposition your company within specific markets
Promote an event
Create effective marketing materials accross all media (PRINT, WEB, TV, RAADIO)
Specifically, we seek to bring leadership together to do the following:
1) Revisit the Brand as a whole and strengthen it by establishing a firm position for the future.
2) Develop New Marketing Strategies and Materials that focus on specific target audiences.

Our Philosophy for Success:
Great Branding is the Best Advertising.
Emotional branding strengthens businesses by: - Creating and designing a “personality” versus a logo or an identity. - Creating a recognizable and owned presence in the market place. - Building relationships by connecting with and focusing on the customer. - Creating sensorial experiences (see, smell, hear, feel, taste) - Giving a brand, product or company long-term value - Creating products with which people identify and want to buy! Two key components of successful emotional branding:
- Imagination. Find outrageous and subtle ways to continually surprise and delight the consumer - Vision. Be poised to reinvent yourself constantly
Companies most often hire OneFastBuffalo as a result of one or more of the following events:
- After several less-than-successful relationships with advertising, marketing, or public relations firms - Three to four months before hiring one of the above firms - Within the first two to three months of a major reorganization or shift in strategy - During and as a part of the strategic planning process for a new fiscal or calendar year
We have conceived a branding roadmap for attacking your brand challenge.
In fact, we have a clearly defined process for every individual project with which we get involved. Throughout our process, we keep you well informed using our online Project Manager BUFFALO BASECAMP. All clients are given login/password access and receive email updates when new documents are posted for critique. Therefore, working remotely with clients is NOT a problem.

Our clients come to us with a variety of branding needs. OneFastBuffalo offers a full range of visual communication services spanning all mediums. As the buffalo sacrificed to sustain indigenous people, we offer our talents and skill, expending all of our creative energy for the survival of our client’s brands so that they may live on.
Brand Personality Development
Brand Camp Brand Strategy Name / Tagline Development Marketing Plans
Brand Identity Development
Symbols and Logo Design Stationary Systems Brand Standards guide Brochure Design
Environmental Branding
Interior Design and Decor Uniform Design Sensorial - Smells, Tastes, Sounds Packaging Design Trade Show and Exhibit Graphics
Wayfinding Branding
Signage Way finding Systems
Web Branding
Concepting Design Production Management
Ongoing Brand Growth
Promotions Design Advertising (Print, TV, Radio) Public Relations

Event Management

A thorough brand assessment is at the heart of our process. OneFastBuffalo seeks to take the parties involved through a series of sessions that will define our brand strategy. In other words, we must verbally define the brand message for the future. It all starts with a thorough review of your business. How are you perceived? Are those perceptions accurate? What messages are your competitors sending? What changes are happening in your industry? What are your strengths? Your competitor’s weaknesses? What drives preference? From analyzing your customers and competition to defining your brand’s personality, we’ll work with you to carve out a unique communications platform and build a comprehensive communications plan that differentiates your brand in the marketplace.
Every project includes an in-depth evaluation of where the brand is today through the eyes of its key audiences. During this phase, we:
- Review the organization’s business strategy, vision, mission and purpose - Conduct internal and external audience research - Audit communications practices and assess the industry environment - Conduct a review of competitors’ communications practices
- Brand positioning document
The brand discovery document helps clarify your goals, assessing your target audience and competitors, defining core traits of your brand, and developing a base for delivering your message.O
PHASE II - Tagline Development
An effective tagline will express the brand message clearly.
- Multiple tagline concepts
PHASE III - Marketing/Creative Strategy
We know what our brand message is. Now we define best strategies for communicating that message.
- Design needs analysis - Creative brief - Marketing tactics document


Identity design creates the foundation for all marketing efforts. Identities help to establish credibility, position a company in the market, and create memorable brands. OneFastBuffalo creates award-winning identity programs that lay the foundation for these lasting emotional brands. At OneFastBuffalo, logo development does not begin until we have agreed upon both the image and functional criteria that should drive the design exploration. The logo must reflect the brand positioning and desired image.
All clients receive a Brand Standards Guide….a bound packet that documents all branding standards that are created. This helps you manage your identity and maintain quality control as well as consistency both internally and externally. All identities are designed so that they work well in the print and electronic worlds. We create variations of the logo in different sizes, optimized for each media. We create style guides indicating corporate colors, typefaces, formats and standards for all communications to ensure that all parties are able to implement the identity.

PHASE I - Symbols and Logo Design
- Logo sets - Colors - Brand Standards Guide
PHASE II - Business Collateral Design & Production
- Business card design - Stationery systems / business forms
PHASE III - Brochure Design & Production
- Corporate or Product Brochure

The sum of all interactions a client has with your brand is what creates an “experience”. Brand environments are critical to connecting with your customers and creating preference.

PHASE I - Retail or Marketing Center Concept (Interiors/Graphics)
- Interior design plan consultation - Large format graphics design - Display/exhibit design - Uniform/attire design - Sensorial brand guide

PHASE II - Signage / Way Finding Systems
Imagine if every visitor knew just how much was offered at your business location and there were no questions regarding parking, availability, etc. Imagine if you tive Wayfinding System.
What is Wayfinding?
Wayfinding is the craft of providing signs, maps, and other environmental graphics that convey location and direction to travelers; a means of communicating coordinated messages that advance or promote a built environment.
While Wayfinding is a relatively new term in city planning and local tourism development, the concept is not. Hospitals, corporate campuses, and even college campuses have been creating coordinated signage systems for years that help people find what they are looking for and to create a positive image of their surroundings.
The services we provide will produce tangible economic benefits through the following:
- Get consumers off the highway and into your location - Help visitors (i.e., future tenants and consumers) find parking and access all available features - Advertise special events

Do You Really Need Wayfinding?
Absent or poorly planned signs are the best way to disorient, discourage, or even lose the business your development would otherwise naturally attract. A quality Wayfinding plan helps attract visitors and capitalize on their visit by providing information that prolongs their stay. OneFastBuffalo sees Wayfinding as an extension of your identity. As the creators of your identity we believe were are most qualified and motivated to create unique solutions that are not only functional but attractive.
- Wayfinding Guide and Specifications Book - Gateway signage - Pedestrian directional signage - Vehicular directional signage - Interior directional signage - Business directory / information kiosk - Seasonal banners

OneFastBuffalo is globally recognized and published as one of the most innovative web design firms in the United States. We are 100% enabled to concept, design, produce, and maintain your site. From busines-to-business sites to consumer sites, we help you define your objectives and develop a plan for the most effective web presence for you. We strategize, outline technical specs, design engaging user interfaces, and oversee the implementation of complete e-commerce sites.
OneFastBuffalo has so much experience building web sites that we actually created a new division in 2004 to handle the technical execution and backend development of our clients’ interactive work. DeadWest Interactive is the online division of OneFastBuffalo, with professional programmers and developers. Your site will not only have a visually stimulating interface, but it will function smoothly and be fully manageable once launched. We created DeadWest to provide clients with an enticing, managable online marketing tools rather than merely static online brochures.
PHASE 1 - Web Site Design, Development, and Functionality
- Concepting and copy writing - Web site look and feel - Flash design and demos - Site Construction and Backend Development
Phase II - Intranet/Extranet Design & Development
OneFastBuffalo can create an internal web site for management that would serve as a central communication hub and collaboration tool. The site will make frequently needed marketing materials, sales sheets, leasing documents, demographic studies, etc. available via download. Another aspect of the site is the ability to re-order frequently needed business collateral (e.g., business cards, letterhead, brochures, inserts, etc.) online.
- eMarketing System Software (eHerd® and eStampede®) - Online brand and marketing management system - Print collateral ordering system - Online document management system - Leasing availability management


We believe that the best brands require the least advertising. They ARE advertisements. That said, your brand must continue to evolve and grow in a changing world. OneFastBuffalo now knows the essence of your brand better than anyone. We helped bring it to life. It makes sense that many of our branding clients have us concept advertising campaigns, ongoing promotions, tv spots, interactive ads, and other ongoing branding materials after the visual brand is built.
These services may include the following:
– Advertising options assessment– Promotions design– Outdoor advertising – Print ads– Tv spots and radio– Direct mail campaigns

Benjamin Jenkins Founder/Principal/Creative
Native Texan Benjamin Jenkins founded OneFastBuffalo in 1998 after completing his MFA in Art & Technology at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he focused his studies on experimental techniques in graphic arts, web design, 3d animation, digital video, and film. He studied graphic design and architecture as an undergraduate at Mississippi State University while playing baseball for the South Eastern Conference school. Somewhere in between, there was a stint as a minor league baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies. But it was his time spent at MSU that set him on a path exploring digital design in new media. It was there while taking painting and drawing classes he vowed “never to touch a computer for art’s sake.” Well …… His digital films and experimental video work have been screened in international film and video festivals as well as on public television. His graphic design work appears annually in design publications such as Communication Arts and Print. His dual passion for design and motion arts naturally led him to the increasingly dynamic web. He enjoys the challenge of each client’s unique set of needs. While OneFastBuffalo is a full time endeavor for Ben, he also serves as teacher and instructor at local universities, video institutes, and symposiums. Ben also serves as the youngest active board member for the First Tee of Dallas organization.

Travis McElroy Principal/Co-Creative Travis McElroy started at OneFastBuffalo as an intern in the summer of 1999. While earning credits toward his undergraduate Design Communication and Advertising degree at Texas Tech University, he also developed into a key member of the OneFastBuffalo creative team. Upon his return to Texas Tech University, where he also played on the baseball team for four seasons, he was able to acquire multiple creative accounts in the area, including a highly visible campaign for the University itself. After graduating he took an offer to play professional baseball for a farm team in west Texas. He then decided to return to Dallas and continue work for the client base he had developed during his time spent in Lubbock. He founded his own studio, which he ran for a little over two years, before merging back with OneFastBuffalo. His passions lead him to dabble in a variety of creative endeavors including digital and non-digital design, screen and off set printing and video. Along with his full time role as Co-Creative Director at OneFastBuffalo, he has also recently started his own clothing line called Revolver© as another creative outlet.

Curtis Hale Principal/Art Director/

Jamie Langlois Principal/Director of Web

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