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Book-and-Gain is the new and easy way to book accommodation, rent a car and make online shopping using your preferred websites with just a little plus: you earn money!

You earn money from your online reservations.
You also earn money from online reservations made by your friends!!
You will earn commissions from the websites listed in the Shopping online page

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Your Advantages

  • Make money on your bookings and purchases
  • Make money on your friends bookings!
  • Check your revenues online
  • Many travel and car hire websites in one place
  • Save time and earn
  • Keep using your favourite websites

Affiliation Program

    Just fill a simple form to join Book-and-Gain.
    As an affiliate, you will earn money every time you make an online reservation or purchase.

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    Affiliates can invite their friends by sending them a special link.
    You earn money also on reservations and purchases made by the affiliates you referred


How to generate an extra income without any efforts

Through Book-and-Gain you can make reservations and shop online with your preferred websites with just one difference: you get paid!

The good news is that every time you make a reservation or buy something starting from Book-and-Gain.com Buy! page, we pay you a commission.

The even better news is that we pay you even when the reservation or the shopping online is made by someone you referred to Book-and-Gain.

Let us know your favourite websites for online shopping and we will add them in the Buy! page!
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About Book&Gain.com

The website where online shopping and reservations mean making money

Do you make online reservations and shopping?
Do you want to save money and earn a commission from other people reservations?
Make your affiliation to Book-and-Gain!

Book-and-Gain is the new way to book online your holidays, rent a car or make online purchases.

Browsing the TABs in this page you will get all the information about this opportunity. You will gain a commission from your purchases and from those made by your friends

More important: you will keep using your preferred websites!

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