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31 Grand St.
718 388-2858
Fri-Mon 1-7
"Beyond the Pale", Claudine Anrather. 10/20-11/19

3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave.
daily 11-9
Curated by Juan Puntes: Iranian video artist Elahe Massumi's unrelenting documentaries of worldwide atrocities, featuring child prostitution, castration and war crimes. This somber and penitent show attracts with its masterful filmmaking while repelling with harsh realities. 11/10 - 12/15.
Opening: Friday November 10, 6-9pm.

328 Berry Street
917 570-1476
Friday-Sunday 1 - 6pm
Lisa Reddig: Accumulation (119 pinhole cameras), Installation and photographs. 119 packaged consumer boxes recycled into pin-hole cameras; the content of each box photographed with their respective transformed container. 10/20-11/22

Jessica Weiss: Replay - Paintings and Works on Paper, New works by artist Jessica Weiss.
Opening: Friday December 01, 6-9pm.

101 Grand St.
718 302-2242
Fri-Sun 1-6
EYECATCHER, The first photography exhibit of the noted Swiss writer, Christoph Keller. The exhibit opens on October 13 and continues through November 5.

STILL LIFE, New metaphoric landscape paintings by Dennis Tomkins. 11/10-12/03
Opening: Saturday November 11, 4-7.

218 Bedford Avenue
212 772-2351
Mon-Sun 9-11
Branded, by Jenny Carpenter; images which engage the moment of fascination when a beautiful woman appears on the printed page.

166 North 12th St.
917 301 6680
Thurs-Sun 1-6
David Sandlin Ire-Town paintings and accompanying books, The Avengelist and Wrathland. October 21-December 17.

Opening: Saturday October 21, 7-9 pm.

483 Driggs Ave.
718 599-8775
FriMon 12-6
Indoor Gallery: Sight Lines - photographs & video work by Meighan Gale, SIGHT LINES an exhibition of photographs and video works by the Brooklyn-based artist Meighan Gale is a survey of work executed in 2005 2006. In this exhibition Gale continues to explore techniques that catalog movement and the body\'s many ranges. Dates: October 27 - December 4, 2006

Outdoor Gallery: at Play - site-specific installation by Roberley Bell (continues), at PLAY - Roberley Bells second exhibition at Black and White Gallery introduces a new series of Flower Blob sculptures which take their cue from blob architecture. Dates: October 27 - December 4, 2006

101 Richardson St. Top Floor
718 302-4702
Sat & Sun 1-6

121 Roebling St.
718 917-650-3760
Thu-Mon 12-6
The Free Associative, Brian Leo, 9/15-10/8

"Concept Album", New Work by Colin Burns.10/13-11/3
Opening: Friday October 13, 6-9.

58 Grand St.
718 388-6780
Fri-Sat 1-7
Temporarily closed (next 18 months)

293 Grand St.
718 218-8939
Mon. 9-4; Thurs-Sun 11:30-8
Do you See it, paintings by new york artist, Marc Brotherton Also: twists- new sculptural works by John Clement inspired by his participation in the Vancouver Sculpture Biennial. 11/16-12/13.
Opening: Friday November 17, 6-9pm.

103 Havemeyer St.
718 388-2311
Weds-Fri 2-9, Sat 12-8, Sun 12-7
"In Preparation For Your Departure", New watercolor paintings by Kelie Bowman. October 13 - November 12.

"Cloudbursts", David McQueen. Nov. 17- Dec 10.
Opening: Friday November 17, 7-11.

370 Metropolitan
24 hours, 7 days

38 Marcy Ave.
718 387-9818
Fri 3-8, Sat-Sun 12-6

Ruth Marshall; and Mark Esper, Ruth Marshall, Ruth Marshalls latest series focuses on translating the beauty, significance of coloration/patterns in nature, and layers of imposed and inherent symbolism in animal pelts into hand knit textiles. An artform blended perfectly in concept and technique with coral snakes as a subject, Ms Marshall is currently translating all sixty six species into knit skins. Mark Esper, Mark Esper previews the first installation of his upcoming solo exhibit at Dam, Stuhltrager. Esper's interactive sculpture entitled, "WEAVER" spins itself into Gallery 3 this November. 11/11-12/17
Opening: Friday December 01, 11:30-12:30. artist talk

(a migratory gallery)
eyewash@AQUA ART MIAMI December 7-10, Basel/Miami room 110 featuring work by Jim Torok, Edward Monovich, Linda Ganjian, Amy Hill, Paul Kuhrman, Angela Wyman, Ken Butler & David Kramer

168 North 6th St.
718 486-7021
Fri-Sun 1-6
Bonnie Faulkner, Stained/Fused/Dichroic Glass panels and light boxes fill the space. Nov. 3 - Dec. 17.
Opening: Friday November 03, 6-9.

147 Roebling
718 782-2556
Fri - Sun, 12-6pm

Erik Guzmans kinetic sculptures and drawings. 10/20-11/19

237 Kent Ave.
917 407-2029
b.p.m Fri-Sun 1-6
"Fantastic Routes", the Lab Gallery and Galou present an exhibition of paintings, drawings and installations dealing with notions of space and displacement. Curated by Alejandra Villasmil with works by: Janice Caswell, Elisabeth Condon, Claire Corey, Franklin Evans, and Alejandra Villasmil. 11/4-11/27.
Opening: Saturday November 04, 6-9.

205 Norman Ave.
718 383 9380
Thurs-Sat 1-7
FLAT FILE EVENT!, Back room is now open, with works by Biederman, Hartling, LaRocco, Meier, Piotrowski, Rachfal, Silver, Spiroff, Staiger, Thomsen and Uchiyama. Join the artists for an opening reception on Friday November 24th!
Opening: Friday November 24, 7-9. Scott Malbaurn. 10/26-11/18

Untitled Number Something, Shane McAdams, new paintings 11/24-12/23
Opening: Friday December 01, 7-9.

840 Broadway
(718) 594-0642
Sat & Sun 12-8

new arts from Nusantara (Indonesia)

111 Grand St.
718 388-5022
ThursMon 12 -7:00
The Plot-Pablo Abuliak and Mariano Farinaccio, Enveloped with notions of secret plans, stories and even pieces of land, The Plot careens between narrative, non-narrative, planned and unplanned storytelling. In the works, scenes and subjects seem to exist in their own world where their everyday scenarios/situations are isolated from the clutter of the normal everything else world. Pushing this idea further, the scenes are actually ordinary random and unknown situations that in a way seem to be unarguably thoughtful and planned scenarios. This play invokes a certain sense of mystery that allows the photographs to teeter on the edge where clarity, definition and perspective become lost. With an uncertain present, a past that is virtually unknown and no knowledge of its future, the works invent a place where the images can become self-referential and defining of their own terms. full press release: see Hogar Collection website
Opening: Saturday October 28, 6-9 pm.Jeff Thompson- Performance for Eight Electric Guitars, Saturday November 4 @ 7 pm. free Featuring: Allie Alvarado (Eystek), Delia Kovac, Christy Edwards (christy & Emily), Mark Hadsell, Sten Hostfalt, Allen Hulsey, Byron Westbrook (corridors) and Jeff Thompson. For more info visit:
Opening: Saturday November 04, 6 - 9 pm..

61 South 3rd St.
718 384-5738
Sat & Sun 1-5, and by app't.
Double Feature, Paintings by Jan Mulder and sculpture by Bix Lye. Work by these two artists will also be featured at Sideshow gallery. Through November 12th

Candy Box, New Works by Julie Durkin. November 18 - December 17, 2006
Opening: Saturday November 18, 3-5 pm.

487 Driggs Ave.
718 782-0183
Thurs-Mon 12-6
Curated by Jeff Koan Bayasa: Southern down home roadside culture paintings. Fried chicken will be served at the opening. Paul Nudd: gloopy swamp videos 10/13-11/12

"Snipe Hunt" and "Jeanie", Front Gallery: George Jenne, "Snipe Hunt." Cinematically-charged, sculptural tableaus of Southern Gothic comings of age. Back Gallery: Jamie Adams, "Jeanie." Masterful and coyly innocent paintings of 60s nymphette Jean Seberg. November 17 through December 31
Opening: Friday November 17, 7-9 pm.

213 North 8th St. Gallery 1; Union Docs, 322 Union Avenue
347 689-2597
Fri-Mon 6 -10 pm
KBP curates at Supreme Trading and Union Docs
Light Resonance Shrines, Celebrating the power of the commonplace to evoke the mysterious beliefs in unseen forces, Mauricio Limon builds an ambiguous shrine to Mexico City.
Opening: Friday October 27, 6 - 8 pm. Hysterical Horror videos Gallery 2 Oct 28, Union Docs Oct 29

Hysterical Horror! Experimental Video from Mexico City, 

438 Union Ave.
917 912-5482
Fri-Sun 12-6
new paintings, pamala jorden, 10/26-12/3

Like the Spice
224 Roebling St.
Tues-Sat 12-9, Sun 11-8
Assemblage, Bricolage and Collage, Works by: Dominic Albo, Heather Boaz, Thomas Clark, Seth Cohnen, Michah Danges, Treasure Frey, Dean Goelz, Jason Head, Elaine Karton, Thomas Keeley, Micheal Krynski, Neilie Meyer, Marcus Morales, Stephen Pauley, and Michael Sanders. 12/1-1/14/06
Opening: Friday December 01, 6:30-10:00.

60 North 6th St.
718 599-0089
Sat-Sun 1-6
Computing the Social, vydavy sindikat, curated by Sara Reisman. Brooklyn-based group experiment vydavy sindikat, the Russian phrase for you collective. Led by Yevgeniya Plechkina and Misha Sklar, vydavy sindikat will further develop their Public Gathering series which they staged in various New York City public spaces over the last two years. 9/15-10/14. Computing the social by Vydavy Sindikat has been extended till November 5! Open by appointment only: 917 650 5665.

129 Roebling St.
718 384-8729
Tues-Fri 11-7, Sat 12-7
Travis Lindquist, paintings. 10/13-11/05

"The 1,000 Faces of Spook Cornbread, Anthony Pugh/ aka LOGIK, New mixed media paintings. 11/10-11/29
Opening: Sunday October 01, 7-10.

359 Bedford Ave.
718 218-8058
Thurs-Mon 12-6
the bad air smelled of roses, Carl Pope. 10/20-11/20

text installations 10/20-11/20

475 Keap St.
718 782-7755
Fri. 12-9, Sat-Sun 12-6
Coming Soon, Save the Date: December 15th, 2006 Inaugural exhibition opens at the new NURTUREart Gallery

103 Broadway
718 218-7656
Thurs-Mon 12-5; Sat-Sun 12-6
Dennis Kaiser debut solo show from a new gallery artist. November 18 - January 7.
Opening: Saturday November 18, 7-9 pm.

193 Grand St.
718 388-2882
Fri-Mon 1-7
Joyce Pensato, new paintings and other work. 10/20 - 11/20.

Virginie Barr, Virginie Barr continues her neo-science fictional exploration of Americana in large-scale drawings, cutouts and mannequins.12/1-01/14/06
Opening: Friday December 01, 6-9.

177 North 9th St.
718 599-2144
Fri-Mon 12-6
Tavares Strachan, 10/13-11/13

DAVID C. SCHER; and KATE GILMORE, 17 November - 23 December, 2006
Opening: Saturday November 18, 7-9.

103 Metropolitan Ave.
718 599-5589
Sat&Sun 12-6
My Town is Your Town, I Like What You Like, Friends and collaborators Rachel Salomon, Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius bring their vision of figurative painting and graphic style to the Riviera. Through November 26.
Opening: Friday November 10, 7-10.

210 N. 6th St.
Weds-Sun, 12-6pm
The Pursuit of Happiness, A group show where artists explore ideas of happiness and society through art.
Opening: Friday January 20, 7-9 pm. Curated by Christopher Howard


210 Kent Avenue
Fri. 5-8, Sat-Sun 2-8
A photo/video installation documenting the documentation process: with artists Lisa Corson and Joly of Punkcast.. 10/7/10/29.
Opening: Saturday October 07, 6-10.

319 Bedford Ave.
718 486-8180
Fri-Mon 12-6
Doubletake, paintings by Jan Mulder and sculpture by Bix Lye Oct. 13 - Nov. 12, 2006. Work will also be featured at Holland Tunnel on the same dates. Opening receptions for both shows: Friday, Oct. 13th, 5-7 pm at Holland Tunnel and 6-9 at Sideshow on the same evening

Paintings. 11/18-12/8

136 Wythe Avenue
718-387-3921; 917-224-1949
Friday thru Monday 1 to 6
Artwork by JAMA 10/27-12/2. Slate Gallery inaugurates its new exhibition space with New York Debut of Cuban-born artist JAMA

60 North 6th St.
718 599-4884
Fri-Sun 1-6
September,  Jesse Chapman. through Oct. 22nd.

451 Grand St.
718 599-7778
Sat-Sun 12-5
Tooth and Nail, works by Cal Lane, Jason Peters, and Sarah Smith. Each of the artists employ found objects to construct finished products whose impact is nearly opposite that of the original items. 9/15-11/10.
Opening: Saturday November 11, 7-10. closing reception

97 North 3rd St.
718 782-1552
Perspectives of a Doppelganger, New work by Fred Scaboda
Opening: Thursday November 02, 7-9pm.Group Show, Opens November 15 Works by: Warhol, Sultan, Rosenquist, Rauschenburg, Bukovnik, Draegert, Grooms and others

213 North 8th St.
718 599-4224
see NURTUREart

300 Morgan Ave.
718 384-0456
Sat-Sun 12-6
Natural Reaction, Natural Reaction Humankind has a complex and often volatile relationship with the natural environment. Sometimes, the results of that bond have been disturbingly dystopian with humans attempting to dominate and disrupt their environment only to face real or perceived threats in return. The 14 artists featured in Natural Reaction use media such as sculpture, video, drawing, photography, and sound to question this relationship, as well as very idea of the natural. Megan Cump, Carl Eckoff, Carlee Fernandez, G77, Jeremy Kidd, Kenric McDowell, Komar&Melamid, Iain Machell, Miranda Maher, Ryan Mrozowshi, Heidi Neilson, Walter Sipser, Adam Stennett, Thomas Zummer. Curated by Summer Guthery and David Smith November 3-December 3, 2006
Opening: Friday November 03, 8-10pm.

118 North 11th St.
718 599-1548
Sat-Sun 1-5
admission $2
THE IMPERMANENT COLLECTION III, A group show including works by Michele Araujo, Shelley Haven, Carol Radsprecher, Brent Ridge, Linda Salerno, Adam Simon and Hans Witschi, and a series by Kent Peterson, THE RED AND BLACK: DRAWINGS EXECUTED AS IF I WERE BLIND. And finally, in the front room, drawings from the nude by Brian Jermusyk. Through Nov 12th.

THE SQUARE, A group show with paintings by Joel Adas, Robert Appleton, Stephanie Campos, Linda Day, Conor Foy, Asia Ingalls, Mikyung Kim, Eliot Markell, Susan Mayr, Kent Peterson, Cathy Nan Quinlan, Brent Ridge, Susan Schwalb, Don Voisine, Merrill Wagner, Joan Waltemath and Jean Wolff, Nov 18-Jan 31.

281 North 7th
friday thru Monday 12 to 6
Felt-tips Forever, "Texta" is Australian for felt-tip marker and Arlene TextaQueen likes her tips felt. She spends her life as a marker superhero, exposing real women and other performers, un-dressed-up in accessories and surrounds of their own desire. Depicted in life-size line and livid color she re-con-texta-ualizes the tradition of the salon nude as she intimately uncovers the unique character of her subjects. Felt-tips Forever includes portraits of writer Michelle Tea and local performer Taylor Mac...10/13-10/19.
Opening: Friday October 13, 7-9 pm.

138 Bayard St.
646 258 3792
FriSun 2-7
Equals, art interfaces and installations by C.J. Yeh. 9/9-10/8.

Paul Slocum: Recent Projects.,  as part of the 10th Anniversary of, curated by Lauren Cornell. a mini-retrospective of the Dallas based new media artist and musician Paul Slocum. October 14th - Nov 26th.
Opening: Saturday October 14, 7-10. Performance at the opening: 9 pm, Cory Arcangel and Paul Slocum, free admission

135 Broadway
718 486-7372
Sat & Sun 12-6
Closed for renovation.

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