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UserLand Product News

Radio UserLand: Radio UserLand service closing

UserLand has decided to close the Radio UserLand and Salon Radio services as of December 31, 2009.

You can continue to use your Radio weblog hosted with UserLand until the end of the year.

If you plan on continuing to use Radio to publish your blog, we would recommend that you look for an alternative web host if your weblog is being published to a UserLand server. You can use the FTP option [1] in Radio to publish to your own server.

The closure of Radio will also mean that the UserLand-hosted comments, trackbacks and stats tracking will be unavailable after the shutdown date.

If you have any questions, please send them to

UserLand Software


# - 6/16/09; 8:00:00 AM

Manila: Frontier 9.7b24 for MacOS X is available

A new beta release of the Frontier application is available -- Frontier 9.7b24. The beta is for MacOS X users only.

You can find a summary of the changes in the release notes.

If you're comfortable running beta software, please help us test this release by joining the beta.

# - 6/23/08; 7:36:50 AM

Manila: Custom Manila Help URL

You can now specify a custom URL for the Help link in the Editors Only menu bar if you want to point to your own help documentation.

To set it, go to the Frontier Admin site settings page and select the option on the Manila->Preferences settings page.

# - 6/9/07; 11:21:57 PM

Manila: Admin Site: Clean referer stats

Manila referers stats are automatically cleaned when someone requests the referer stats page at /stats/referers. However, if ths page isn't requested over time the table can become quite large.

You can now clean the stats table for all sites on the server by using the Clean Referer Stats commands on the Maintenance settings page in the Frontier Admin site.

If your config.root file in the /Guest Databases/apps/ folder is quite large (20MB+), we recommend you use this command and then try compacting the config.root file.

# - 5/16/07; 1:42:19 PM

Manila: Legal tags for members

You can now setup Manila to limit the HTML tags available to members when posting to the discussion group or leaving a comment.

Members still have access to a number of formatting commands, but this will stop any spammers from redirecting users to third party sites by including HTML in their messages.

You can update through the Update page in the Frontier Admin site.

# - 4/12/07; 7:20:28 PM

Radio UserLand: Server Maintenance: Salon Radio Blog server

Updated: 12:30 AM Pacific time. The server has been brought back online and everything should be operating as normal. If you notice any issues, please contact us at Sorry for the disruption.

We're doing some emergency maintenance on the Salon Blogs server. This will temporarily prevent you from updating your blog or posting comments, but your public blog is unaffected.

This also affects the Radio UserLand website/discussion group.

# - 3/30/07; 5:10:12 PM

Manila: Update to Blogger/MetaWeblog API support in Manila

Both the Blogger API and MetaWeblog API support in Manila have been updated to support the getUsersBlogs method.

We've also added setTemplate, getTemplate and deletePost methods to the MetaWeblog API support.

You can update through the Update page in the Frontier Admin site.

# - 3/29/07; 3:21:59 PM

Manila: Delete Messages Admin page

You can now quickly search and delete messages posted to your discussion group using the Delete Messages Admin page.

You can update through the Update page in the Frontier Admin site.

# - 3/28/07; 4:28:55 PM

Manila: Bug fix: Incoming TrackBack pings

We've released an update to correct an issue where incoming TrackBacks were still being accepted while the TrackBack preference was disabled.

This update also prevents anyone from viewing the TrackBack popup page if the feature is disabled.

You can update through the Update page in the Frontier Admin site.

# - 3/27/07; 12:57:30 AM

Manila: Applying Editorial Modes to New Sites

You can now automatically select an editorial mode to get applied to new sites.

On the Hosting preferences page in the Frontier Admin site or the site-specific Hosting preferences page, there is a new option to select an editorial modes to be applied to new sites.

ManilaDocs: Editorial Modes

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