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Your Husband's Dirty Underwear

Mar 03 2012


Tired of picking up after your husband? Check this out. You may just change your mind.

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Wednesday Workshop: The House that Cleans Itself

Mar 02 2012


I got Mindy Starns Clark, author of the book "The House that Cleans Itself" on the phone to give us all the "deets" about how to get the job done!

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My Clean (and Healthy) Home!!

Feb 26 2012


i had my home professionally cleaned the other day. Can you believe it? Here's how it turned out!

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How Are You Doing With Those Resolutions?

Feb 23 2012


We’re already well into the new year and mamas everywhere are getting frustrated because their resolutions are creeping further and further away. Here's how to not let it happen.

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Need a Good Book? Here's one for FREE!

Feb 20 2012


My friend, Tricia Goyer, just told me that she was giving away a download of her latest book for FREE, but only today, so get it while the gettings good!

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The Five-Minute Junk Drawer Cure

Feb 18 2012

Got a junk drawer that is threatening to take over the house? Here's how to fix it in FIVE MINUTES! Check out the video.

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