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Big Think Sci Fi Short Fiction Contest

The mind wants a plausible story,
even if it’s a total lie …

spacer The results are in! 
And the winners are ….
All the details Here

Why Storiad?

It’s so hard for writers to make ... connections, a virtual marketplace is sorely needed. I remember the days of paging through ”The Writers Marketplace” books, printing manuscripts, mailing out envelopes (don’t forget the SASE!), waiting months to hear anything. God, it was horrendous. Unfortunately I think a lot of people are still doing it that way — John, a Storiad Writer member

"Mind Venture Pictures is looking for dynamic stories told by original storytellers who share our cinematic passion for quality filmmaking. And if we find an amazing screenplay through Storiad, there's no question we'd consider making it." — Mind Venture Pictures

“I'm grateful for this site because I think writing might be more solitary than I thought. Sometimes its hard to get feedback on my writing. Also, I find it challenging to get my work in front of the right people. I'm also a musician and graphic designer. There are many avenues online for that but I haven't found much for my writer side. Yes, this is great! I will continue telling my friends about your site.” — A Storiad Writer Member

“It's a great idea as a way to get into the pitch market without middlemen (and of course, most of these writers don’t have the middlemen necessary to get into the process), so it really can create a win-win, especially if we purchase a story or a pitch that we successfully produce. Even if we just option or buy it, it's a success from the writer's point of view. At least a mild one.” — Seismic Films

Storiad was featured on Big Think, voted by Time Magazine as one of the top news & information sites in 2011. Click below to read "The New Hustle: Artists in the Digital Age," by Jason Gots — www.bigthink.com/ideas/42326?page=all

"We are using Storiad to find a fresh voice. We are seeking edgy writers with character driven stories." — Brandi Brothers Productions

Storiad did a nice thing and mentioned the buzz my story Peg received on the internet last week. Well, today I got the news… Peg won the fiction division of the pixelhose.com writing contest. I want to thank everyone who voted and took the time to read, Peg, which is available here on Storiad in my portfolio. — Kent, writing as Bellakentuky

“I think it's brilliant in terms of networking producers with up-and-coming talented writers who would like to get their work out there professionally. Keep up the good work.” — G. Goldenburg, Indy Film & TV Producer

“I think your site could be an extremely helpful tool for media pros.” — Leeding Media


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