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Pete Wentz, “This Whole Pop Punk Thing Is Kinda Just…Over”

Posted November 16th, 2006

Check out this funny/retarded little video that Fall Out Boy have created to wet the appetites of fans in anticipation of their new album, dropping February 6, 2007.

This exchange between Pete Wentz and the band’s A&R rep, Rob Severson is particularly painful/enjoyable:

PETE WENTZ: This whole pop punk thing is kinda just…over.
ROB SEVERSON: What do you mean pop punk is over?
PW: It’s stale
RS: Stale!? Three [SIC] words, “PANIC-AT-THE-DISCO”
PW: Well… it’s just not selling enough records really. I think we’re gonna…We’re watching this R&B stuff and they sell records.
RS: R&B? Are you on drugs?
PW: Listen Rob, two words–three words: “BAY-BEE-FACE”
RS: Babyface?
PW: Yeah Rob, put on your f–king glasses, I have a vision, alright?
RS: My glasses are on, and honestly all I’m seeing is “TRAINWRECK”

Mmmm…trainwreck INDEED. Holla atcha, “One Tree Hill” acting classes!


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Panic! Get Larger Than Life at MSG

Posted November 14th, 2006

Wowza! Panic! at the Disco pulled out all the stops on this leg of their North American tour. Tonight they stopped at Madison Square Garden Theater here in New York City.



Who would have thunk it possible, but as you can tell by the photos, the boys have gotten even MORE ostentatious and elaborate in their costumes and set design for this tour. Whereas the last time I saw them in full concert at the Nokia Theater, the overall theme was Moulin Rouge meets harlequin dolls, this time it was all Revolutionary War hero meets Victorian circus, with tasseled coats, elaborate waistcoats, buttons, and (of course) ruffles. That’s right, NO WINDMILLS! Instead, large circus props, like a lion’s cage, and an elephant platform.

The makeup was decidedly more on the “dark” side, with Brendon sporting hollowed-out eyes and dummy lines running down his jaw. Ryan had blood-red eye makeup with neat little black spider-leg lines sprouting out. He’s starting to look less baby-faced–with noticeable stubble and his longer hair giving him a more mature look. (But sadly, no ROSE VEST.)

The boys sounded in fine form–much better than when I saw them do two songs for the Boost Mobile Rock Corps event at Radio City in September. Songs like “Time to Dance” and “London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines” had the crowd jumping SO much that I could feel the floor boards wobbling right under my feet–which I have to admit, was just a TAD bit scary. I’ve only been in a few situations like this before and every time it happens, I’m convinced the floor is just going to cave in right underneath me.


Bassist Jon Walker kept an eye on Brendon, in case the lead singer was planning a sneak attack.



I couldn’t resist posting this photo for your amusement.


I figured you guys could blow it up and practice kissing your future husband Brendon Urie from the comfort of your very own home. Pucker up! Hahahah!


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Oh Holy Mother of Jesus

Posted November 13th, 2006

Check it out! Thanks to Alyse for sending.


Foo Fighters
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
30 Seconds to Mars
Papa Roach

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My Chem on the Cover of Blender

Posted November 13th, 2006

Sarah sent me this photo of the My Chemical Romance on the cover of the new issue of Blender magazine.


Mikey Way looks totally hot peeping out from the corner! But why are all the lads pulling Gerard apart?!?!

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Fall Out Boy’s New Songs: Just as Nonsensical as the Old Ones

Posted November 11th, 2006

By now you may have already found a “leaked” version of one of Fall Out Boy’s new songs, “Carpel Tunnel of Love”. By now you would have already realized that FOB have stuck true to their roots in the new tunes by making sure that NONE of the lyrics are written in English. Example:

We take sour sips
From life’s lush lips
We shake shake shake the hips
In relationships
Stop by this disaster town
You’ll put your eyes to the sun & say “i know”
You’re only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding
And we might have started singing just a little soon
We’re throwing the stones in a glass room.

And yes, Pete Wentz does his scary “I’m bringing the hard core to this band” demon voice 3/4ths the way through the song.

Oh and as of tonight, Pete wants to know, “bigger headline: britney/kfed divorce or our song being leaked?”

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“Emo Sux” on the Street

Posted November 5th, 2006

I was walking by the Vasmay Lounge on the Lower East Side after seeing Albert Hammond Jr. play Mercury Lounge when I noticed this chalkboard outside. Thought you guys would be amused:


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Tom DeLonge Puts 14-Year-Old Girls In Their Place

Posted November 1st, 2006

Woah. I just logged on to LJ for the first time in like 3 months and happen to catch this video on my friends page. (Yes, ONTD is on my friends page!) It’s a clip of Angels and Airwaves frontman Tom DeLonge stating the following during a June 2006 show:

I do not want to be another bullsh*t pop band, with some bullsh*t pop songs, while your driving your f*cking bullsh*t car and sing along to it like you’re a 14 year old girl…And if you are 14-years-old here, thank you for coming.

Oooh he’s so tough, really sticking it to middle school girls and the “bullsh-t” they like to sing along to. Give me a break.

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My MIA Peace Offering: Daniel Isaac Update

Posted October 31st, 2006

Hi everyone. I’ve been kinda lame with the updates ever since my trip to Iceland. I’ve been totally backlogged. I haven’t read any emails in the last three weeks, I’m skipping out on just about all the CMJ events going on here in New York City in the next few days. I didn’t even bat an eye when I saw William Beckett at the MTVU Woodies last week. (I was too busy live blogging and then rushing home to get some zzzs.) I haven’t even had time to listen to the new My Chemical Romance album! That’s how crazy it’s been.

Yeah, it’s been nuts. I’ve been meaning to post about this Wylie Maercklein photo I found like a month and a half ago but hadn’t had any time to do it! So just to prove I’m not dead or have been kidnapped by aliens, here’s an interesting tidbit about your favorite Panic! at the Disco video cutie, Daniel Isaac: He is known by another name, and that name is “The Guitarsonist”–a famed air guitarist in Austin.


Yup, that’s right. AIR GUITARIST. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of the Danielson rockin it out.

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Tonight Tonight

Posted October 26th, 2006


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Tune In Tonight: Liveblogging the MTVU’s Woodies

Posted October 25th, 2006

Tonight I’m going to be liveblogging directly from Roseland Ballroom, location of MTVU’s Woodies Awards. The fun starts around 8pm. Here’s a preview of what I’ll be talking about:

TV on the Radio*
Gym Class Heroes*
Imogen Heap*
Lupe Fiasco
Ghostface Killah
Lady Sovereign
30 Seconds to Mars
Angels & Airwaves
Plain White T’s
The Academy Is
Gogol Bordello
The Subways
Nightmare of You


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