Deadly Alien Microbots is created by me – Charles Goatley. I’m a twenty- thirty-something wannabe story-teller and pretty new to this art thing, so don’t expect any fancy-pants, whizz-bang graphical delights, though I’ll do my best! I just love to get down to the business of telling the tale as simply as I can.

My real job is as a games programmer, which I’ve been doing professionally for almost a decade, and unprofessionally for longer. I’ve worked on some pretty cool games for a small studio called Rare such as Kameo: Elements of Power and Viva Pinata. Now I’ve hopped across the pond to work as a gameplay programmer for Ubisoft on even cooler top secret projects.

Creativity has always been in my blood, along with a hoard of angry microbots…

I thought I’d also have a go at some little side projects like making a small flash game. Somehow in the process I made a map editor, which might be a little helpful to some of you. Of course, I’m hoping it will be helpful to me at some point too, since I was the original intended user. It’s funny how things happen.

I live in Montreal these days and love the snowy winters over here! I originally come from sunny cloudy England. By the time you read this I might have frozen to a crisp or no longer be a twenty something.

If you have any useful suggestions, fancy drawing some fan art or proper art, or know the secret to eternal youth then send an email my way and I might consider it, as the DAM-bots universe is pretty big small and there’s room for lots more…

The DAMbots

The Deadly Alien Microbots are a group of renegade robots, not much larger than a blood cell, fleeing from the menacing clutches of Commander Bloodsmith and his vampiric lieutenant, Doktor Von Gorebot.

After getting on the wrong side of Bloodsmith, Spark added insult to injury by escaping in Bloodsmith’s personal ship, and taking Ballistik, one of his elite soldiers, along for the ride. Now Bloodsmith is out for revenge.

Somehow they managed to get half way across the galaxy – the exact location of the microbots’ home planet remains unknown – and now they’re hiding out inside the body of a woman on Earth, Claws isn’t saying all that much and Fooba got transformed by the white blood cells into an insane hybrid.

Things aren’t looking very good for them, but at least Bloodsmith hasn’t found them… yet.

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