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GM @ shilo Inns 2012
I have lived here for 2 1/2 yrs and heard about how wonderful SubTerra was, but never went till recently. . . I am so greatful that they are doing a theme dinner every thursday night for $25.00 per person, and that has worked out great for us. The atmasphere is breathe taking. I would be there every night if I could afford it. You must try at least once. You won't regret it. They are worth every penny! : )
Food-Luvers 2012
Absolutly fantastic food and service. Our party of four enjoyed the elegant birthday party at a place we had not been too before. Our food was superb and wine list wonderful. We will be back often for all our special date. Can still remember the the divine fragrance of our meals. This is one you do not want to miss.
Silverwing 2012
I first found Subterra a few months ago, loved the atmosphere ! The mural is wonderful, table place settings were beautiful with individual small candles flickering in the dimness. The servers were well informed and so much more than what one usually finds in a small town. Then came the wide selection of excellent wines. The meal was served with unique touches that made each course stand out. A few weeks ago my sister came for her birthday and I took her to Subterra for dinner and drinks, we sat at the well appointed bar and had "signature" drinks built for us by Merle, who was amazingly warm and welcoming, she made us feel right at home, and Janet came to visit with us too. We had a great time and Donna said she could not have had a better birthday! I cannot believe how lucky that Chef Martin' and his beautiful wife decided to move into our small town. Last night after seeing Deadly Murder at the Lakewood theater in LO I spoke to a group of ladies who we sat next to and recommended Subterra and they were all so excited to try out a new resturant with a Contential Flare ! Subterra will remain my "Safe" "go to" place for out of town guests and special occassions. May you continue to flurish and entertain us in your own unique way thru our palates. ! Silver Wing
We are from MN, Subterra was reccomended to us by a local OR. resident as a "Hidden Gem" We went there for dinner. The stairway down, the ambiance, the decor, the wall painting, the wine cellar atmosphere were all captivating, intriguing and comforting. The chicken pate was sublime, exceptional. The German shortrib was tender almost falling apart, perfectly seasoned, just yummy. The accompaning braised red cabbage savory comfort food for a chilly day. The Cuban blackbean soup was awesome as well, spicey but not, great consistencey, well balanced and wonderfully flavorful. We have recommended Subterra to relatives in the area and thanked our contact for telling us about your great restaurant. We would definately return if we are in OR. again. Too bad your so far away. Congratulations on a wonderful facility.
LB 2011
My L.A. cousin and I visited Subterra in mid-July. We found the ambiance inviting, enjoyed a wonderful salmon dinner enhanced by an attentive, though unobtrusive server. We both said that it was the BEST chicken soup we had ever tasted!!
JG 7/5/2011 9:50
Stopped in for lunch the week of June 20th and found the 'THE NEWBERGER' to be hands down the best burger I have ever experienced. Highly recommend you stop in. We did find the service to be disappointing but the food amazing.
ColoradoWineGang 6/5/2011 10:08
We travel to the valley every spring to taste the new vintages or re-taste our favorites. Part of our visit includes at least 1 meal at Subtearra. The food and service is outstanding and we get to try something new. This will continue to be a stop on our Pinot trip.

pdxgram 2/7/2011 23:51
A friend and I tried lunch here last Friday and were more than pleased. The wait staff was quietly efficient and friendly and the food was excellent. The surroundings are subdued. We'll be back!
John & Meri Kerekanich 1/5/2011 0:45
Cheers to Martin & Janet Bleck and the pride and joy of Newberg; SubTerra Restaurant, for the perfect evening and New Years Celebration that was planned to perfection and thoroughly enjoyed by the sixty or more in attendance. The cozy ambiance that makes SubTerra so alluring coupled with the stupendous appetizers and Champaign awaiting our arrival made for the perfect celebratory greeting. Moving into the dining room with musical accompaniment by our beloved Jack Quinby and lavishing the guests with five sumptuous courses paired sublimely with local wines and wine from their own private cellar was the crowning touch. The stand up comedy performed by Donna Gentry, another venerated Newberg resident and performer extraordinaire was the preverbal icing on the cake! We have made this evening a tradition we will enthusiastically embrace for years to come. Thank you Martin and Janet for choosing Newberg from your superlative careers in fine dining in Miami; you are greatly appreciated beyond measure!
Sally 10/23/2010 22:24
I decided to "do" dinner tonight and, of course, went to SubTerra. I had the duck comfit and the hazelnut brittle ice cream and the '07 Uno..... can't remember the rest. too good!
Jere Spoon 6/30/2010 19:04
My friend Jojo and I 'escaped' to SubTerra last week. Every course, from the oysters to the Pot d' creme was delicious. We really felt like we had left our little town of Newberg and traveled to an exotic location! The prices are very reasonable for the amount and quality of food that is prepared. And the service is friendly and professional. Also, unlike some restaurants in the area the food is prepared consistently. I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.
Anon 5/24/2010 20:09
Thank you for a wonderful dinner! We had friends visit for wine tasting and couldn't find a restaurant opening May 22, 2010 but the Allison consier gave us your location. The funny part is I live on Bald Peak and didnt' know about you guys! I will be back often! The service was wonderful. Thank you :)
Carole Dinger Terra Vina Wines 3/31/2010 9:45
Wonderful Winemaker's Dinner featuring Terra Vina Wines at Subterra Saturday Night! The food was fabulous and the pairings were carefully executed.The short ribs and our Cabernet Franc are a match made in heaven! The service was attentive and smooth. Subterra is a much needed addition to the Newberg dining scene. We will recommend Subterra to all our friends looking for great food in wine country. Thank you Janet, Martin & staff
gabbott and mabbott 3/7/2010 21:13
What a delightful find on a trip to Newberg. After a very delicious dinner on Friday night of First Friday we brought friends back for brunch on Sunday the same weekend. My scallops were the best I have ever had and the slaw made with brussel sprouts was mouth watering. As for the brunch on Sunday all the meals were great. The pastries were one of the best things as were the breakfasts. The service was topnotch and very accommodating to all our questions. Thanks so much for both experiences. We will be back soon.
QurlyQue 3/3/2010 19:33
The fish tacos are my absolute FAVORITE!!! Janet & Martin, you've outdone yourselves!!! Thank you so much for bringing your passion of food to Newberg. :)
Jere Witherspoon 2/16/2010 13:30
My husband and I had plans to meet friends at Subterra for Valentines Day brunch. Although our friends didn't make it, we did. We are the smart ones! We had delicious brunch, including the most delicious sticky bun this side of France, a Blueberry Crumble that lingers in my tastebuds. The service was delightful. The portions more than adequate. I can't wait to go back to try their dinner menu. FINALLY a fine dining restaurant in NEWBERG featuring fresh, Oregon cuisine.
framegirl 1/29/2010 13:54
It has been a pleasure knowing Janet and Martin and to have them open a tasty, affordable and fun restaurant is awesome! Thanks for making Newberg's food scene even better.
wino girl 1/22/2010 17:40
We had a great time at SubTerra. The food was affordable and gourmet fab!!!! I have been bragging about your restaurant ever since my last visit. I have worked with Janet & Martin at other events and their food is stellar. I was so excited to here they were opening an affordable fine dining restaurant. Janet with her great warm and welcoming personality and Martin with his magicical flavor combinations and expertise with a wide array of sylistic cuisine. You can tell serving others great food is their passion and love. I also love the fact that you are providing a small plate venue as well. I tend to be the type that loves to try a lil bit of this and that so this will fit perfectly. Can't wait to give the small plates a try. Keep up the great work and may God bless your business with success and longevity!!!!
paulac 1/16/2010 13:14
A delicious experience with a charming decor, warm & engaging staff and...the menu and wine selections delightful! Each course from the tasty soup to the decadent flourless chocolate cake (yum!) was flavorful and elegant. Yeah for those of us who love to eat fine food! Hope to see the restaurant featured in the A&E section so more people can find this treasure.
LW 1/16/2010 0:48
You are going to be a huge success.
Cheryl Ann 1/12/2010 19:09
The menu and website look fabulous! The locals are lucky to have you Janet & are the best!! Wish we lived closer to experience this wonderful dining. Carryout to Michigan would be nice! Best of luck & Bon Appetite!
JS 1/12/2010 13:11
We took a couple of our friends to eat at Subterra last night. I must say BRAVO! Wonderful food, great service (Heather). I will gladly recommend it to our friends. We were impressed!
CV 1/11/2010 13:09
My husband and I had dinner there on New Year's Eve and a friend and I went there yesterday for their Sunday brunch. Both meals were delicious! We were served by attentive, friendly staff in a beautiful atmosphere. They've transformed this underground space with warm, inviting colors and textures, with a beautiful wineyard-motif mural on one wall. I was so full from the generous brunch that I didn't need to eat the rest of the day!
OB 1/9/2010 19:14
What a great website! Good luck Subterra!
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