November 16, 2006

Be prepared to waste several minutes of your day

Speaking of my brilliant classmates, a kid in my aesthetics class made this for one of our assignments.

Takes a minute to load but don't give up -- it's worth the wait.

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November 15, 2006

Foliage is overrated

Copper Mountain webcam:


Loon Mountain webcam:


If it doesn't start snowing soon I'm going to COMPLETELY LOSE IT.


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November 13, 2006

Here would be a good place to write a one-liner in Japanese

I was as tired as you are of the "I'm a Mac!" ads until I saw the Japanese versions. Vastly superior, down to the pratfall.

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November 09, 2006

Feeling good about Hood

Originally uploaded by the mock-up.
I'm still suffering through the construction gauntlet on my way to and from the office. The re-capping of the Hood Milk Bottle is a somewhat comforting reminder that everything will be patched back up someday.

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A mostly pointless intellectual exercise

Imagine that you're having coffee with a co-worker. Your co-worker tells you about a woman she chatted with at a party last weekend. This woman, your co-worker says, was a working mother with two children, and she claimed to be in the middle of a divorce from her second husband. She had a fairly strong Southern accent that suggested an upbringing in Louisiana or Mississippi. She ended the brief conversation with your co-worker by excusing herself to go outside and smoke a cigarette.

Based on the details your co-worker just relayed to you, picture the woman she talked to at the party.

Now picture Britney Spears.

I bet those images didn't jive, did they?

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November 07, 2006

Healey/Federline in '08

This made me happy. (Especially when I saw it sharing space on with Britney's divorce.)

But this made my day.

The only way this evening could get better would be if Christy Mihos announced that he will make television ads for the rest of his natural life. You know who needs Christy Mihos on their publicity team? Bernie and Phyl. I'm envisioning an artful animation of Barry and Eliot, perched on a couch, with their heads up their posterior ends.

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A new series that might actually be a series

After some meditation on last night's Studio 60, which went from infuriating to transcendent in the space of 58 minutes, I present these television-inspired haikus.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Sorkin, you just used
"brothels" and "infrastructure"
in the same sentence.

The Office
Doesn't it seem like
Andy's destined to become
Creed when he grows up?

Grey's Anatomy
Meredith whines. George
whines. Christina snipes, then whines.
Run, McDreamy! Run!

The Amazing Race
Haven't watched this since
B.J. won a half-a-mil.
Phil, you're dead to me.

More to come, if only because it's much less taxing to write haiku than actual cultural criticism.

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