Editorial Board


 Editor-in-Chief: Yolande Stolte (yolande.stolte@ed.ac.uk)

Managing Editor: Nayha Sethi (nayha.sethi@ed.ac.uk)

Technical editor

Andrés Guadamuz

Medical Law

Supervising Editor:

Gerard Porter (Gerard.Porter@ed.ac.uk)



Neo Chen (k.h.chen@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Shih-Ning Then (snthen@iinet.net.au, shih-ning.then@qut.edu.au)

Nadia Kanellopoulou (Nadja.Kanellopoulou@dphpc.ox.ac.uk)

Emily Postan (e.r.postan@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Anwuli Ikem (A.M.Ikem@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Izmet Khan (I.N.Khan@sms.ed.ac.uk)

IT Law

 Supervising Editor:

Abbe Brown (abbe.brown@ed.ac.uk)


Daithí Mac Síthigh (d.mac-sithigh@uea.ac.uk)

Maureen o’ Sullivan (Maureen.osullivan@nuigalway.ie)

Elvina (E.N.Anita@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Krzysztof Garstka (K.K.Gartska@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Robert Kiriinya (R.K.M.Kiriinya@sms.ed.ac.uk)

IP Law

Supervising Editor:

Smita Kheria (smita.kheria@ed.ac.uk)


Tobias Bednarz (t.bednarz@gmx.de)

Nicolas Jondet (njondet@yahoo.com)

Katerina Nicolopoulou – (knicolopoulou@hotmail.com)

Neil Falconer – (N.B.M.Falconer@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Kiran Siddu (kinny.bee@gmail.com)

Nadia Fernandopulle (M.L.N.Fernandopulle@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Joseph Debarberie (J.E.Debarberie@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Seth Back (seth@backfamily.net)


Supervising Editor:

Richard Jones (richard.jones@ed.ac.uk)


Jane Cornwell (Jane.Cornwell@ed.ac.uk)

Book Review

Paul Quinn (paul.quinn@vub.ac.be)



Karen Baston (k.g.baston@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Jill Robbie (J.J.Robbie@sms.ed.ac.uk)

Consulting Editors

Prof. Graeme Laurie, Prof. Lillian Edwards, Andres Guadamuz, Prof. Burkhard Schafer
SCRIPTed’s Consulting Editors offer valuable advice in the overall and day-to-day operation of the journal, but also on the promotion of the journal and the solicitation of submissions.
Past Holders: Dr. Rachael Craufurd-Smith

Advisory Board

SCRIPTed’s Editorial Board is assisted by an Advisory Board of internationally-renowned experts drawn from the disciplines of intellectual property, information technology, medical law, artificial intelligence, communications law and E-commerce.

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