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The House Rabbit Connection strongly urges parents not to buy their children live “Easter bunnies”.   Rabbits are a 10-year commitment and require proper indoor care. Each year, thousands of baby rabbits, chicks, and ducks are purchased as Easter gifts only to be abandoned or left at shelters in the days, weeks and months that follow Easter.   Please pass this message along in your travels.

Rabbits are not gifts.

If you would like to welcome a rabbit into your family and provide a permanent, loving indoor home for a rabbit, please contact us.


What We Do 

We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit corporation with three primary goals:

1) To take in adoptable, abandoned rabbits from animal welfare organizations, animal control officers, and veterinarians, provide temporary foster care, get them spayed or neutered, and find permanent, quality indoor homes for them

2) To educate the public and assist humane societies and shelters in teaching rabbit care to the public

3) To reduce, primarily by public education, the number of rabbits discarded at shelters or turned loose when no longer wanted

The House Rabbit Connection of Massachusetts & Connecticut is a nonprofit [501(c)(3)] org. All donations are tax deductible within the extent allowed by law.

Animal shelters have limited space for rabbits. Many rabbits face the possibility of euthanasia. Please consider fostering or adopting a house rabbit as a companion. Adopting a rescued rabbit from HRC makes room for another shelter rabbit to be placed in HRC foster care. 

Please take a look at our current adoptable rabbits and email us


or call the HopLine (413/525-9222) for more information! We often have many more bunnies than listed so please call!
NOTE:  We do not accept rabbits from the public.
Before you surrender your rabbit to a shelter,
read our tips on dealing with common problems.


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