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spacer The JGI does not distribute genomic DNA, strains or clones used in the sequencing projects. DNA, eukaryotic strains, bacterial strains should be obtained by contacting the collaborator for a specific organism listed on the Info page of the organism.

Genome Releases

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From this site you can get details about our current and upcoming projects. We also provide a list of projects for your convenience.
Individual genomes sites can be reached using the Tree of Life. These sites provide download access to sequence files and tools for annotation and BLAST alignment. Eukaryotic genome sites include additional resources such as genome browsing, search, and functional (KEG/KOGG/GO) annotations.
Get started using the genome portal with our online tutorial and online help for Eukaryotes.
  • Fungal Genomics Program
  • Metagenomics Program
  • Microbial Genomics Program
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