Saturday, March 31

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Seeking God’s Plan for Evangel
Loving God, Loving People, Serving Both

A church-wide workshop
March 23-24, 2012

Options available on the website:

  • Worskhop Groups and Schedule.
    pdf document

  • Description of the workshop and suggestions for preparation.
    web page or pdf document

  • Paul van Gorkom's notes from the February 13 session at the Billy Graham Center, "Measuring Your Church's Evangelism Temperature" (pdf document)

  • Other ideas and comments

  • Follow-up - check here for details in the coming weeks
    • About 34 people participated (a few were available for a portion of the time)
    • The workshop produced proposed action steps in four areas:
      • Worshop/Education
      • On-Campus Ministries
      • Reaching Our Neighborhoods
      • Intercessory Prayer
    • Read the Workshop Summary (pdf document, posted March 30). It contains the Proposed Action Steps, additional notes from each of the groups, notes on response during the general discussion, outline of next steps, and a list of activities for which you can become a regular intercessor.
    • Once the Futures Team meets, a finalized set of Action Steps will be advanced, with assignment of responsiility and/or opportunities for people to step up to take the lead in key areas.

If you have comments you would like to share, email them to Stu Johnson.

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