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Making Up After Breaking Up With Your Ex …

by Jamie Header

There is no question that a break up can be very painful. Sometimes the actual break up is harder to deal with than the reason for the break up in the first place. Your initial reaction was probably trying to figure out how to get your ex boyfriend back instead of first evaluating the value of the relationship.


No one is immune to making a fool of themselves out of desperation and missing that special someone. Seeming like you are a beggar is the least attractive look of them all. The last thing that your ex-girlfriend wants to see is you sniffling and crying every time they see you. There is nothing wrong with you having some emotion when it comes to the issue of how to get your ex girlfriend back but you will want to do it with some indicated of dignity.

The best thing that you can do is work on yourself. In reality, no matter how bad it hurts, you have to admit to yourself and the world that life does go forward even in the absence of the person who may have once been the most important component of your life. Get yourself together, girl! This is not the end of the world! Of course you love her and you want to get your ex back but in due time all things that are meant to happen will happen.

Make sure that every time she sees you that you are looking your best with a smile on yourself. Keep yourself looking your best, get a fly new hairdo and maybe even go shopping. Make her see the boy that she fell in love with and make sure that you smile at him every chance you get.

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The Ex BF Problem CUBED!!!!

by Jamie Header

I decided that even though I tried to contact my ex boyfriend (I’m bisexual) through one of the best dating sites, that I would not wait for him to respond. I have to deal with the fact that his memories may not be as fond as mine are. Men are funny that way. I thought my husband was in love with me and it turns out that he loved half of the city.

So I decided to do more browsing (but NOT on affair websites or guide to married affairs). I saw some nice prospects and started some conversations with some really hot guys. As the days passed, I decided that this online dating thing was not half bad and that I was absolutely having a ball. There is not another venue where you can look at the guys without them knowing, decide who you want to contact and pick and choose the ones that you want to talk to. You can also ignore requests without directly insulting anyone or having to be nice just to get away from the guy. It takes away all of the awkwardness and I can see the appeal of online dating.

Whoever came up with this concept was a sheer genius. I wish I could have thought of an endless online shopping gallery of men of every race, shape and size. Whoever coined the phrase the world is your oyster must have had something like this in mind. I life using the best sites to meet women online to meet the type of man that does not hang out in my neighbourhood.

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The PR Header Blog Is Great!

by Jamie Header

Until recently, all webmasters swore by the PageRank as a quality criterion for a good SEO on Google. So what differences are there between Google PageRank and Google TrustRank?

Today, faced with abuse, the algorithms of search engines would have to consider the MOFIF TrustRank as the main criterion of quality for a better ranking internet.

For Google, the TrustRank aims to combat spam on its web results pages. What is funny to think of Google Panda.

As Google Panda, the TrustRank should automatically remove all fraudulent sites or low quality content. So what differs the PageRank of TrustRank? And that includes the notion of TrustRank speak with some experts in SEO?

History of the PageRank (PR)

Every day we are seeing in some forums to endless debates on the Google PageRank up by as a grading factor. The question we might ask at this time is whether PageRank still determines the quality of your site optimization?

In fact, Google PageRank was an indicator of quality and reputation for all these websites in its index. PageRank and notes ranged from zero to ten!

The majority of websites had (I speak voluntarily to the past!) Of PR between 2 and 5. A handful of sites known better PR had between 6 and 8. In addition, it is found that the sites of very large marks on the Net …

What must be understood to date on PageRank, which persists in the imagination of many webmasters is that a high PageRank does not guarantee in any case higher rankings on Google. And the relevance of keywords or content have no relation with the PageRank.

So if you have a web page with relevant content, you can get the better ranking on a keyword with a PageRank of zero. Then it’s time to stop focusing on PageRank, which is now only fit to flatter the ego of some webmasters.

Moreover, Google quickly realized that the PageRank was used more and more webmasters to sell or buy links. This went against the recommendations of SEO. Hence the growing interest of TrustRank would now be the criterion referencing principal will grow with the launch of the button “1″ to Google. PageRank had its heyday when social networks like Facebook and Twitter did not exist. This is the case today!

The era of TrustRank

Some webmasters are increasingly concerned notified in addition to their TrustRank. They believe, rightly, the PageRank as a factor referencing obsolete.

For, as a high PageRank does not always guarantee a good ranking, as a good TrustRank will always be a very positive impact on the SEO web pages of a site. If Google trusts your site and sees it as an “Authority web”, you will still rank well on the majority of your target keywords. More on that in a future article.

What we are talking about some of Anglo-Saxon Forum SEO experts is that the criteria TrustRank are a little bit the same as the PageRank. Namely, the backlinks and the quality of content still matter.

However, the algorithm explores the TrustRank much each website to reflect the global nature of the elements of its existence.

Thus, the TrustRank take into account:

- The loading time of each page

- The age of the domain name (as has always been Bing!)

- The frequency of updates (new content)

- Awareness of each page link on social networks.

At this stage, in contrast to PageRank, there is still no official announcement regarding the existence of Google’s current TrustRank.

But Google Panda and the button “1″ are bundles of index implementation of TrustRank.

And if Google and Panda “1″ created the TrustRank …

Google Panda is not supposed to bring order in the natural search on Google? And, to ultimately empower the users who will load, like Twitter or Facebook, to recommend their favorite web pages using the button “1″.

So the accumulation of points of recommendations, which are membership votes, by every web page that could play a key role in its ranking on Google results pages.

Therefore, to increase its TrustRank, each page appears on Google will not only make people want to click on it, but the content will truly fulfill the user to receive a favorable vote by using the button “1″.

Receive votes with the button (option coming soon) “1″ inserted on web pages is TrustRank improve and gain notoriety for one day hope to get the label of Supreme Authority web.

Being an authority web site is to be a very credible in terms of quality of content.

In summary, to enjoy a good TrustRank and improve its SEO internet, you have to work on the quality of its backlinks (more than quantity). And most importantly, will best promote the sharing of its links to pages on social networks that are important to positively influence your TrustRank.

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