Free Video download! My 20 repetitions “Ass to Mouth Special”
Posted By Britney on 11/23/06


A while ago I promised you guys that I’d try to break my own personal ass-to-mouth record (up until now that was ten repetitions from ass to mouth in the “Revolver ATM” video) and here’s the result. 16+ minutes of ATM hard core, uncut and downloadable in HD quality from the members area at my Cumtrainer website. No less than 20 (!) repetitions from my asshole directly to my mouth, no enema, no cleanups. As an added bonus I’m proud to say that most of the “mouth” action is in fact deep-throating. This way no one can say I’m reluctant about sucking cocks covered in ass-juice. In case you’re not yet a member at my site you can just click the pic above to download the 3-minute ATM preview video (15MB/wmv) - By the way, in case you’ve never seen my full HD videos, they’re this big. Quite impressive, huh?

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Good looking Goo Girls - Can cum sluts be cute?
Posted By Britney on 11/23/06

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I’ve been a subscriber at the GGG website for years now and I’ve got like a whole shelf full of their DVDs at home. So yes, you could say I’m a fan *lol*. For most women this kind of porn (and I’m talking about girls drinking bowls full of spunk, spit and piss) is an instant turn-off. I find them incredibly intriguing and there’s no other studio that has received more money from yours truly than GGG.


Forget they “German” part in German Goo Girls, trust me, they speak the universal language of porn. You’ll get whatever may be going on in front of the camera despite the exotic (and anyway virtually non-existant) dialogue. You’d think that after a couple of years the novelty would wear off, but to my great surprise they’re bringing in fresh meat, ooops, sorry I mean new girls now and they’re hotter than ever. The titties are getting bigger and the faces cuter, which doesn’t hurt. At all.

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New at - Cum eating with a spoon
Posted By Britney on 11/23/06

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This is a remake of last year’s “Cum Pudding” video only this time in HD. I don’t mind bad tasting spunk, hey after all it’s my job to swallow every load without complaining, right? But the thing is that I actually really like those semen-flavored chocolate desserts. It’s a tasty combo so it didn’t take much convincing to get me to do it again. Click on any pic at the top of this post to open the gallery. The full HD video is already online at my website.

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Boobs of the week - Clara something?
Posted By Britney on 11/23/06

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Unfortunately I can’t tell you who this girl is or by what name she goes as a web-model (maybe someone could enlighten us with a comment). Once of my friends said “Clara” something or other, but I don’t know for sure. Let’s just say this was an easy pic for “boobs of the week”. What a rack. Dream tits, if I may say so. I’m strongly considering getting implants again after having seen those pics… Damn, the competition really isn’t sleeping.

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Pic of the Month - Balls on Lips
Posted By Britney on 11/17/06


Click on the pic to see the image full size. I just had to post this right away. I’ll put up the full gallery from this series in a couple of days. The still image was taken from one of the two ass-to-mouth videos I shot yesterday. After about 2 hours of hard cock going back and forth between my asshole and my mouth I was so exhausted that both my throat muscles as well as my sphincter had relaxed to a point where I could take pretty much anything. My gag reflex disappeared and I basically just lay there and took whatever came my way. You can see in this pic that I’m pretty cool about having 8 inches of man meat obstructing my airways and I even found the energy to caress the guys balls *lol* Sometimes I impress myself. You know what, I’m gonna make a poster from this pic and hang it over my desk. I just hope that I’ll remember to take it down when my parents come to visit… check out the video at my website CumtrainerHD

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12 reasons guys never get to fuck a girl’s ass. Why do most men fail at anal sex?
Posted By Britney on 11/17/06


1. You did not discuss it with her before you tried to ‘shove’ it in.

2. You have not convinced her that it will not be painful.

3. You have not yet convinced her that it’s going to be pleasurable.

4. You have not convinced her that her anus will be clean.

5. She doesn’t think you care about her.

6. She doesn’t think this will be a unique and pleasurable experience.


7. You have not convinced her you’re Man enough.
You should have convinced her you are a man if you have done everything according these steps. If you try to play with your girl’s anus as if you don’t give a damn she’ll be angry at you and think you’re just a little boy. Show her you’re a man by doing and saying the things you have learned.

8. You didn’t take your time when trying to ‘shove’ your penis in her.

9. You didn’t stop when she asked you to.

10. You were not persistent enough.

11. You forgot to communicate with her.

12. It should have been about HER pleasure too but you forgot about that.

I will elaborate on each point in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned spacer

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Golden Girl Queeny Love - Big tits instead of old farts
Posted By Britney on 11/17/06

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The last time I saw Queeny Love (online that is) she was kneeling in front of a toilet bowl gagging on cock retching and puking her guts out. Not because she’s a bad deepthroater, hell no, but because she’s one of those girls who just happen to enjoy doing borderline (gross) extreme hardcore stuff. Imagine my surprise seeing her in a soft-core shoot. From what I read on the Goldfinger website, the photo-shoot turned into something more x-rated, but I haven’t seen the pics myself. The website has some interesting free pics on it and I recommend you check it out for yourself. Don’t expect expert photography or cool web design, I suspect this is a more amateurish operation:

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Free PSP Wallpaper for Adults
Posted By Britney on 11/16/06


Who said chicks don’t play console games? I actually own a DS, a PSP, an Xbox and a 360 as well as a PS2. Hey, I’m in porn, I can afford it *lol* - Truth be told, I’m more of a puzzle gamer though and I really dig the more childish stuff like Pikmin and Ratchet & Clank. I like watching the guys play GTA and racing games, but I just suck big time everytime I try it myself. But anyway, I was a bit disappointed in the PSP and it’s gathering dust somewhere on a shelf. The only times I pick it up is when I have to go away for a couple of days and want to bring some portable porn with me. My latest HD videos fit nicely on the 16:9 screen, so that’s a nice way to show off, but most of the memory stick is filled with the GGG clips and Bukkake videos I just can’t live without. I even bought a bigger battery so I don’t run out of juice at the climax of one of those gangbangs when the girls start drinking containers full of jizz. Trust me, it’s a very unpleasant experience. Click any of the pics to go to the wallpaper download galleries.

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