Speedtest ®

Hosted on your server and capable of testing wireline and wireless broadband.
Inquire about our WAN/LAN and Ookla hosted network testing solutions.

The Ookla Speedtest requires at least version 8 of Flash.
Please update your client.

Shown above: Standard Branded Template

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  • Demo
  • Trial
  • Customization starts at $500 (one time fee)
  • Expert support and technology upgrades included
  • Usually delivered within 3-5 business days
  • Unzip and go, up and running in minutes
  • Measures both download and upload throughput
  • Includes hosted reporting services

Speedtest analyzes these metrics

  • spacer Download Throughput
  • spacer Upload Throughput
  • spacer Ping (Latency)

Reporting Services

All Ookla licensed applications include access to our fully-featured reporting portal. Local reporting options are also available for easy and secure offline analytics. Inquire about our Additional Data Collection services which allow for user input data such as names, addresses, or other custom data fields.

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Interface Customizations

Standard customization integrates your logo, color scheme, fonts and other brand elements to give a cohesive look on any web site. Default dimensions are 640x400, but the interface can be scaled to any proportional size.

Move your cursor over the options below to see customization examples

  1. Logo Placement
  2. Colors that match your company's identity
  3. Relevant fonts
  4. Background Color
  5. Server Icon
  6. Client Icons
  7. Language Translation


Engine Customizations


Multiple Servers

An unlimited number of testing servers can be used with selection done through the interface, via HTML or using the closest physical server based on GeoIP data.



Round-trip latency measurement performed over HTTP can be enabled or disabled in the application settings and stored in the reporting system.


IP Address

Choose whether or not to display client IP addresses in the interface. Either way they are stored in the reporting system with each test.


Metrics and Increments

Gauge increments can be specified in the settings along with configuring the display metrics to be in megabytes, megabits, kilobytes or kilobits.



Up to eight parallel testing threads can be used for the download and upload tests to improve measurement capabilities at very high speeds.


Advanced Parameter Tuning

Just about every aspect of the testing engine can be tuned to best address the targeted measurement speeds. The test can also be setup to automatically start on load and repeat indefinitely.

Modules and Addons

In addition to the features Ookla includes with each licensed Speedtest, the following extras are also available.



$500 setup, $275/year per server

Use the Ookla Throttling API to limit the number of concurrent tests running on your server, or limit each client IP address to a certain number of tests per day.


Additional Data Collection

Starting at $500

Gather extra information such as names and addresses prior to the start of each test. This data is then saved with each matching test record in the reporting system.



Starting at $150/month per server

If you don't have your own infrastructure to handle testing then Ookla can provide it for you. We offer premium testing servers in most major cities around the world, please inquire.

Shareable Images

Starting at $500 setup, $500/year

Upon the completion of each test the user will be presented with a hosted image detailing the result which can be shared via email.


We can also create a completely unique sharable image for you. Inquire with us to learn more.

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