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2008-09 Comments
From our Customers


A BASS FISHING TACKLE PARADISE awaits you inside with fishing tackle for black bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, catfish, crappie and stripers!!!

Your Ultimate Falcon Lake Resource!


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FLT Bass Blast!

April 15th

FLT Spare-A-Lunker Program

Oxygen System for Your Boat!

Developed by TPWD

Falcon Lake Maps

Choke Canyon on Reverse Side

Two Maps In One-$9.95 ea.

Available at E-Store!

We Put The Emphasis on Customer Service!

Hard to believe in today's life and times? See Customer Comments.


Order/Browsing Information How to Start

Fishing Tackle Headquarters. HOME OF THE MOST EXTENSIVELY EQUIPPED PRIVATE ON-LINE BASS FISHING TACKLE - MARINE SUPPLY STORE ON THE WEB! More ways to Shop, One Place to Buy! Big bass rods, big bass reels, big bass line, big bass lures, big bass hooks, big bass Carolina rigs, big bass nets.. Everything you need for big bass in one location.

Largest selection of Norman Crankbaits, Zoom Plastic Baits and Bill Lewis Rat-L-traps outside the factory

We are currently not recommending travel into Mexico! But if you do..

New Passport Regulations
You will need a Passport, or a Passcard to re-enter the US after a trip into Mexico. If you have your birth certificate you will probably be allowed back in, but you can avoid a lot of hassle and a possible long wait while they mess with your head doing a "Background Check". I know that they cannot deny you entry, but they can make your life miserable for a while, and take a lot of time out of your day. This is one place I say to do as requested by the government.. Get your passport or passcard. You'll thank me in the long run. You DO NOT need either of these to fish the Mexican side of the lake, just a Mexican fishing license.

Shop for FISHING TACKLE ONLNE with confidence that your FISHING TACKLE purchases are secure plus your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Get the current info you need on Mexico lakes including travel tips. Falcon fishing, Zapata lodging, the scoop on real guides available who win tournaments and catch fish, wind-weather conditions, best eateries, maps etc.

MEXICO FISHING LICENSES BY MAIL can now be ordered on line or by phone. Just call us and we'll have them headed your way.

Huge selection of unique and hard to find fishing gifts or hunting gifts such as bass clocks, bass thermometers, bass mouse pads, unique antler hand made pens including ball point pens. fountain pens, rollerball pens hand made from authentic deer antlers, knives, coffee mugs, bass door mats, deer or bass patio lights, fishing reel toilet paper holders, picture frames, deer or bass mouse pads, arrowheads, taxidermy, etc.

New lures/tackle Added
New Bull Bream and Sunfish colors (257 and 220) Norman GDD22 and GDLN. Bumble Bee, Red Ear, Quachita, Two colors of Tilapia, Tennessee Spot, Suicide, Chart Killer, Degray Dynamite and Copper Back, Watermelon Red, and many more Norman Lures in stock and assorted baits in red and black lateral lines. We stock a huge selection of Norman baits!! Magnum Bass Baits including 7" and 8 1/2" Magnum Zara Spooks,
Storm 10" Kickin Minnow, Strike King 5"King Shad and 8" King Kong.

Many hard to find Zoom special run colors including Dirt, Plum Apple and Motor Oil. Also Brown Super Chunks. Mann's Hardnose Lures_CHATTERBAITS, BEAVER BUGS, OLDHAMS WEEDLESS JIG HEADS, Lunker Sauce, WM Red 14 " Worms,

Over 300 types and styles of Norman Lures in Stock including GDD22, GDLN. Middle N. GN, GDD14, Suspending, Deep Baby N, Baby N, Thin N , Mad N, plus Original DD22, Original DLN, and Original DD14.

Mann's Crankbaits in 30 plus, 20 plus, 15 plus, Loudmouth, Photo 20, Baby -1, Little George, Mann-O-Lure and 1-Minus Series.

Use Norman Front Runner lure when fishing for stripers, black, smallies or white bass. Large selection of 1", 1.5", 2" front runners in Original Norman Front Runner packages in multiple colors.

Over thirty types of Zoom Plastic baits in 400 different colors to choose from including special run colors

RPM Rods now in stock available to ship. Falcon Rods (Expert, LowRider, Original, Cara, Coastal) and Bass Pro Rods!!

Berkley Powerbait 100 Ct package selection of 10" Berkley Power Worms, 7" Berkley Power worms, 6" Berkley Power lizards and 4" and 5"Berkley Power craws MANY DISCONTINUED AND HARD TO FIND COLORS such as 8" Lizards and 12 " Worms.

Magnum or Regular Spinnerbaits including SOB Spinnnerbaits, and Jo Baby Spinnerbaits. These are Custom baits made to catch Falcon Bass.

Check out our large selection of magnum lures including Excalibur 3/4 Oz Super Spots & Fat Free Shad etc
Zara Spooks 7 and 8 1/2", Storm 10" Kicking Minnow.

Strike King 5" King Shad,
Strike King 8" King Kong

Old Original Storm Lures including Storm Original ThunderSticks, Storm Original Wiggle Warts, Storm Original Hot-N-Tots, Storm Original Lightnin Shad.

Speedo Beads for lightning fast Carolina rigging.

We have Bulk 10" plastic lizards. Also 11" snake worms for huge bass available here in bulk For 10"Lizards , For 10", 12" and 14" worms we have the best selection anywhere and we also have Core Ring Worms in red/black/ chart/orange and blue/black.

Yamamoto 6", 8" & 10" Grubs, Yamosenkos Kinamis-New hot fish-catching lures bass may have not seen before

See our large selection of attractants including Spike It, Berkley Power Bait Attractant, Mega Strike, Smelly Jelly, YUM FX2 and Berkley Gulp sprays.

Large selection of Vintage Lures

Largest Selection of Watermelon Red Color Baits

Falcon Lake Tackle is pleased to offer a wide selection of fishing theme gifts for the sportsman in your life. Check our wide selection

More Magnum Lures and Magnum Tackle than any online fishing tackle store: Crankbaits: Poes 1200 series, Mann's 30 +, Mann's 20+, Norman DD22, Rattlin Fat Rap Rapalas, Bagley DB3s, Excalibur 7 Series Fat Free Shad and 3/4 Oz Hot Spots, Luhr Jensen Deep Secrets, Hot Lips Express, Hellbenders, Bomber 8A , Bomber 9A, Arbogast Mud Bugs; Jigs: Bass Pro Stand Up Jigs, Jig Spinners, Nichols spinner Jigs, Oldham Screwlock 1 1/4 Oz Jigs, Lunker Lure Triple Rattle Back, Monster Grass Jigs plus Original Rattle Back Ligs; Lipless Crankbaits: YoZuri Rattlin Vibes, Berkley Frenzy, Rapala Rattlin Rapala, Strike King Diamond Shad, Excalibur Super Spot, Cordell Super Spots, Rat-L-Trap 1 1/2 Oz, Rat-L-Traps 1 Oz, Brute Sugar Shad; Spinnerbaits:
Nichols, Tru-Trac,War Eagle, LedgeBuster, Jo Baby, SOB Spinnerbaits; Plastics: V & M 14" Worm, V & M 9 " Lizard, Bass Pro 12" Worms, Bass Pro 7" Stick Worms, Berkley 10" Worm, Berkley 8" Lizard, Berkley 5" Craw, Berkley Sand Worm 8", Berkley Wooly Hawg Craw, Gulp 10 ' Worm, Gulp Minnow Worm, Gene Larew 11" Worm, Genel Larew 5" Salt Craw, Gene Larew 6" Salt Craw, Zoom Old Monster Worm, Zoom Magnum Lizard, Zoom Mag II worm, Zoom Brush Hog, Zoom Z-Nail, Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw, Zoom Baby Brush Hog, Zoom Centipede, Zoom Craw, Zoom Cross Craw, Zoom Road Kill Craw, Sweet Beaver Double Wide Beaver, Smallie, Bulk 10" Lizard, Bulk 11" Worm, Bulk 9" Lizard, Bulk 11 " Ring Worms. Bulk 11" Core worms, Bulk Brush Hogs, Culprit 12" Worm; Yum Wooly Hawg Tail, Herb Reed's Muscle Worms, Kicker Bait Wackey Worms, Reaction Wackey Wackys, V & M 8" Trick Worms, Gambler Flappin Shad, Gambler Flappin Lizard, Gambler Firesticks, Gene Larew Hoo Daddys, Lake Fork Craw, Wave Tiki Snake, Gambler Ugly Otter, Gamakatsu Grubs 6, 8 and 10", Gamakatsu Yamosenkos 5", 6", & 7", Zoom Split Tail Trailers. Zoom Fat Albert Grubs. Zoom Salty Chunks, Zoom Swimming Chunks, Bass Assassian Worms, Shad Assassin, Mizmo Slink-O; Tungsten Weights: Excalibur Tungsten Weights, Lake Fork Tungsten Weights, XPS Tungsten Weights to 1 1/2 Oz; Hooks: Mini and 25 pks to 6/0 Gamakatsu Superline and oversized Wide Gap, Owners 7/0 and 11/0, Oversized trebles, Lead weights to 3 0z.Slabs: Bombers, Knockers, Hopkins to 1 Oz; Striper Jigs: Hyper Striper 1 Oz; Top Waters: Top Knockers, Magnum Hula Poppers, Magnum Jitterbugs. Magnum Heddon Zara Spooks, Magnum Heddon Crazy Crawlers, Lucky Strike, Magnum Pop-R, Magnum Heddon Torpedos,;Luhr Jensen Nip-i-Didde, Crazy Shad, Skip Jack, Boy Howdy; Buzz Baits: Double, Triple Blade or Big Splash Counter Rotaing Double Blade; Lunker Lures. Nichols, Aggressor, Tru Trac; Scents: Mega Strike, Fizz, Smelly Jelley, Spike it, Power Bait Scent, Kickin Bass, Yum Scent, Colorite Color Dip, Glow Master Tube Baits: Strike King Tubes, Strike King Bleeding Tubes, Strike King Wild Thangs,Tube Craws, Tube Lizards. Mad Man Craw Tubes, Mad Man Craw Worms, Bear Fat Salty Tubes, Hooks-Weighted: Aggressor, Falcon Lures, H&H Flutter, Mustad Needle Power Lock; Hooks-Red: Daiichi, Gamakatsu, Hooks Super Strength and Super Size: Owner to 11/0, VMC Hooks,Tru Turn Hooks, Oldham Screw Lock, Gamakatsu Superline, Mustad: Speciality HooKs: Shaw Grigsby Tube Hooks, Tooth Pick Jig Hooks, Owner Phantom Tube Hooks, Shad and Shiner hooks, Trailer Hooks, Red Hooks, Weedless Hooks, Daiichi Butt Dragger, Daiichi Copperhead Screw Lock, Finacky Hooks, Shakey Head Jigs, Zapata Tackle

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Thousands of fishing items including lures, rods, reels, line, apparel, terminal tackle, gifts, marine supplies, and more. Our tackle is selected to withstand the rod-breaking strikes of South Texas and Mexico Bass with very bad attitudes.

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Mexico Fishing Adventure - Enjoy great food, incredible scenery, and much less fishing pressure. Las Blancas, El Cuchillo, Sugar: Catfish &/or Largemouth Bass.

Mexico Lakes Near Zapata

License and Permit Info

Mexico Travel Tips

2011 Tournament Schedule

Recent Tournament Results
and Status Update

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3/23/07 TPW Restocking

05 SFLA Fall Newsletter
04 SFLA Summer Newsletter
04 SFLA Spring Newsletter


Aggressor Weighted Fluke (Gama Super Line) Hooks

Norman Watermelon Red Crankbaits Special Color in DD22, DD14, DLN, GN & Middle N Series

New Poe's 1200 Series

11", 7" and 5" Bulk plastic worms, 10" Bulk lizards

Vintage Storm Lures

New Red Lateral Line Norman Crankbaits in several patterns and sizes

Sweet Beavers, Smallies and Double Wides

Tru Track 1 0z Spinnerbaits

Double Counter Rotating Blade Buzz/Spinnerbaits

New Zoom Super Hogs

New Sweet Beaver Style Craws by Bass Pro, V&M and Yum

Lateral Line DD22 Norman Crankbaits
in Slick, Fire Tiger and Fire Fire Tiger

Gambler Ugly Otter

Norman Front Runners



If you're headed to Zapata or just passing through, these are our favorite places to eat- stay.

We have a unique and unhurried way of life down here, plus the potential to produce a Texas-sized largemouth bass. If you've never enjoyed South Texas, (hunting or fishing) you owe yourself a treat.

Check Out The FLT


Hunting Reports - Pics

Falcon Big Fish
Photos Gallery

Hunting Season

Texas Dove Zones


Special South Texas Zone Dove
Sept 3-4, 10-11

Regular Deer Season
Nov 6 to Jan 16 South

Regular Deer North

Nov 6-Jan 2

Archery Deer
Sept 2-Nov 5

Texas South Zone Dove
Sept 21-Nov 11, Dec 26-Jan 12

Quail Season
Oct 30- Feb 27

Special Late Season Deer**
Jan 17 - Jan 30
**Antlerless and Spike Only

Teal, Duck, & Geese

See Publications

Lots of Ducks at Choke Canyon and Falcon!

FLT is also a licensed Gun Dealer. Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you!



We are your


Falcon Lake Resource!


FLT is your source for hunting and fishing supplies imcluding ice, soft drinks, and Dove Loads in 12, 16, 20 & 410 as well as Steel Shot in 12 and 20 Gauge with over 100 different calibers in rifle and pistol ammo.   NEW Hunting Reports
Lots of South Texas Ranchers offer inexpensive Feral Hog hunts. Why not combine a hunt with your Falcon fishing vacation and even add a side trip fishing in Old Mexico? Get ready to hunt & fish South Texas. Call us, we can help make it happen.


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