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Read this Before You Buy Blackout Curtain Drapes

After shades, blackout curtain drapes are the best choice for blocking light. This style is the most popular type of blackout window fitting because there are countless styles to suit all room designs and personal tastes. If style is important to you, then we highly recommend blackout curtains over the other choices.

When ordering blackout curtain drapes, it is important that you remember to add extra inches to the measurements. To achieve blackout, the drapes must cover the light which will creep around the edges of the fabric. Also, keep in mind that it is best to order blackout curtain drapes as one complete panel unlike the two-panel styles of curtains which are popular. That is because some light will seep through the area where the two panels meet. To avoid this light seepage, there are some two-paneled blackout curtain drapes which have fasteners to keep the panels together. Most users find these fasteners a pain though.

Many true blackout curtain drapes are very dense and tend to be dark colors. However, if you do not need 99% blackout, then you will have many other options. Blackout curtain drapes are typically labeled by their blackout ability. This is measured in a room brightness rating with 0 being near complete blackout.

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