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Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Training

SAFEta offers both Online and On-Site training for Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners. The Webinar Series is a collection of free instructional webinars that present information on a wide variety of topics including case review, specialized care for victims, and evidence collection. SAFEta source regional training provides on-site training and is offered at certain times throughout the year.

2012 Webinar Series:Best Practices

Forensic Compliance: Where do we Stand in 2012?         

 All states and territories must certify as of January 5, 2009 that they were in compliance with VAWA 2005 requirements for medical forensic examinations. Specifically, exams must be available to sexual assault victims: 1) free of charge, and 2) regardless of their decision to participate in the criminal justice process. Yet communities have faced considerable challenges in designing protocols that are compliant, in areas such as: the initial response to a sexual assault disclosure, payment for the medical forensic examination, mandatory reporting to law enforcement, storage and transportation of evidence, case tracking and retrieval, processing of evidence, and the potential for evidence-based prosecution (i.e., without the victim’s cooperation). For many states and territories, the changes that are required in public policy and daily practice have been described as “monumental.” 

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This webinar is presented as a collaborative presentation of the IAFN and EVAWI. The IAFN's SAFEta Project is a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women and the International Association of Forensic Nurses (#2011-TA-AX-K021).EVAWI's Forensic Compliance Project is also a cooperative agreement between the Office on Violence Against Women and EVAWI (#2009-TA-AX-K003).

Ethical and Effective Testimony with Dr. Jenifer Markowitz and Jennifer Gentile Long, Esq. on April 10, 2012 at 2pm Eastern Time            spacer

The National Protocol and National Training Standards both recommend education and specialized training for examiners on courtroom testimony, to encourage the usefulness of that testimony in criminal justice proceedings.  This webinar will focus on the ethics of testimony, and how to be an effective witness, whether the examiner is called as an expert or fact witness.  

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Past Webinars:

 Each of the links below will allow you to see more information and obtain materials and handouts from the prior webinars.

Victim Centered Care: Transgendered Survivors: Statistics, Stories, Strategies for Providers

Sexual Abuse Behind Bars: Serving Victims who are Incarcerated

Adolescent Issues: Consent, Confidentiality and Other Considerations

SART Case Review

Peer Case Review for SANE Programs 

Victim Centered Care Webinar

Timing Considerations for Evidence Collection

HIV Prophylaxis in Sexual Assault 

Victim Privacy webinar



 SAFEta Source Regional Training: Creating a Community Protocol for Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations

Previous SAFEta Source  Regional Trainings were held in Pittsburgh, Tallahassee, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana and Portland, Oregon, Des Moines, Iowa, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Some comments from people who attended the Regional Trainings:

"The faculty speakers were a great mix of disciplines and very knowledgeable"

"Great job, found it very educational and had a lot of information to take back with me for our SART team. I would strongly suggest people to attend and I look forward to more seminars."

"Excellent, wonderful conference. I wish more of our team members were here."

"Best interactive training I have attended. Very helpful - Very organized."

"One of the most productive conference I have ever attended. Along with the knowledge and education received, we were able to work closely with our team members to identify where we are and where we want to go. Together we know have a focus on what needs to be done!"


Other Training

The training information listed in this area includes opportunities that are available to enhance the abilities of service providers and the programs that serve victims of sexual assault, and may include:

  • Training for medical professionals on the provision of sexual assault medical forensic examinations
  • Multidisciplinary Team training (SART) and team building instruction
  • SANE/SAFE Program planning and system change
  • Regional, local and national training on critical issues related to sexual violence

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