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  Articles By You!

Following is a list of articles that have been submitted by our readers over the years. Where appropriate, email addresses have been included should you wish to contact the author directly.

Submitted By Andrea Candee, MS, MSC - Master Herbalist

Awarded The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval for her published work,Gentle Healing for Baby & Child (Simon & Schuster). Andrea's practice is located in South Salem, NY.

Click an article title below:

  • Sage - More than just poultry stuffing
  • Cold & Flu Survival
  • Healing Solutions for Burns & Sunburns
  • Bugs: The Natural Way to Keep Them At Bay

Past Contributions - Various Contributors

Click an article title below:

  • 7 Little Ways to Improve Your Health Naturally
  • The Therapeutic Benefits of Aromatherapy
  • Homemade Juice: Which Type of Juicer is Best?
  • Are You A Stressed Out Parent? Try Aromatherapy!
  • Easy, Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Acne
  • Need More Energy? Try this Natural Plan
  • Can Caffeine Be Part of a Healthy Natural Diet?
  • Dry Skin Requires Particular Care & Attention
  • 7 Natural Libido-Boosters (that Are Healthy, Too)
  • The Seven Rules of Living Well, Naturally
  • How to Become a Vegetarian
  • 7 Natural Libido-Boosters (that Are Healthy, Too)
  • Several Natural Headache Remedies
  • Are Natural Milk Alternatives Good for You?
  • Seven Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
  • Try Steps to Naturally Avoid Getting Sick
  • The Best Natural Sweetener, or Just Another Fad?
  • Considering the Important Benefits of Selenium
  • The Numerous Benefits of Eating Maca!
  • Chinese Herbal Medicines Helping Infertility
  • Holistic Exercise: 4 Types of Exercise that Improve your Body and Mind
  • Creative Visualization & Relaxation (CVR) for Cancer Patients
  • How to Get Healthy Skin Without Chemicals
  • Holistic Eating: How to Shop for Sustainable Foods
  • Understanding Bronchitis
  • What is Diverticulitis?
  • Vitamin D: Is It All They Say It Is?
  • The Most Effective Natural Sleep Aids
  • Seasons Of Health
  • Peppermint, Yarrow and Elder Flower Tea Recipe
  • How To Make Incense
  • Herbal Remedies from Rose's
  • Hepatitis C was Killing Me!
  • Ginko Biloba
  • Garlic, The Great Protector
  • The DelNorte Titan
  • Turmeric For Liver & Digestive Health

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