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How GitHub Works

August 15, 2011


In 2011, I wrote a three-part series called How GitHub Works. I wanted to detail how we planned ideas, built them, and shipped them. The three posts are:


I’ve always wanted to expand this into a proper talk, though. While I’ve done a few GitHub-related talks since then, I didn’t get to do a true “How GitHub Works” talk until 2012.



Coming soon.

Notes on Design


Discussion, links, and tweets


I'm a developer at GitHub. Follow me on Twitter; you'll enjoy my tweets. I take care to carefully craft each one. Or at least aim to make you giggle. Or offended. One of those two— I haven't decided which yet.

You can discuss, upvote, downvote, and poke fun of this post over at Hacker News.

I also keep an "ask me anything" type of project in a repository on GitHub (naturally!). Feel free to ask me a question.

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