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Latest Malware News  Apr. 3


Phishing tool tracks domains which use similar names to the biggest phish targets like eBay. [Read\Discuss]


PG writes up what could be the successor to YapBrowser, app masquerading as useful. [Read\Discuss]


Much like the previous nature in which they invaded MSN ad network, now it's AOL's turn.  [Read\Discuss]


Settlement finalized with Zango, they get off cheap, we get nothing and Net stays the same.  [Read\Discuss]


Latest Security News  Apr. 3


Two new threats for users to be warned about this weekend. Stay patched and alert.  [Read\Discuss]


By making specialized tools, they try and keep one step ahead of the Feds to avoid detection.  [Read\Discuss]


Actual 'eye witness' account of scammers trying to get domain name owners to lay out money. [Read\Discuss]


Huge surge in last week in total reverses trend from previous weeks, says ShadowServer.  [Read\Discuss]

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