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Standard Upper Ontology Working Group (SUO WG)

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Working Group Chair: James Schoening,

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Welcome to the Standard Upper Ontology Working Group (SUO WG) website. The SUO WG is developing a Standard that will specify an upper ontology to support computer applications such as data interoperability, information search and retrieval, automated inferencing, and natural language processing.


An ontology is similar to a dictionary or glossary, but with greater detail and structure that enables computers to process its content. An ontology consists of a set of concepts, axioms, and relationships that describe a domain of interest.

Upper Ontology

An upper ontology is limited to concepts that are meta, generic, abstract and philosophical, and therefore are general enough to address (at a high level) a broad range of domain areas. Concepts specific to given domains will not be included; however, this standard will provide a structure and a set of general concepts upon which domain ontologies (e.g. medical, financial, engineering, etc.) could be constructed.


Starter Documents being working on by this Working Group:

  • IFF Foundation Ontology
  • Suggested Upper Merged Ontology
  • OpenCyc
  • Lattice of Theories including the above and
  • A 4D ontology based on ISO 15926.
  • The Multi-Source Ontology (MSO) brings together some of these in a practical environment.

Finally, the group has resolved to develop a procedure for developing these, and work on this is in progress.


  • The Archive links have been returned to the How to Participate Page as well as information on how to use the new e-mail exploder, LISTSERV.
  • Information on how voting is counted in How we do Business has been added
  • Cumulative Resolutions - the results of successful votes has been added.
  • Pages for the following contributions are now available (see menu):
    • Lattice of Theories
    • 4D Ontology
    • Procedures

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