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To promote the development of a new technology that can contribute to the global environment protection, NTT-AT acquires ISO14001.

Certification ISO14001:2004
Registrar Japan Standard Association
December 13th, 2002

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation and NTT-AT Creative Corporation (an affiliated company) had their certifications of ISO14001:1996, an environmental management systems standard, registered by Japan Standards Association.

December 19th, 2003 The scope of the certification was expanded to cover the entire NTT-AT Group.
December 13th, 2005, The certification was renewed (including a change in the system to reflect organizational changes).
Currently, the standard applied to the NTT-AT Group is ISO14001:2004.
December 13th, 2008 The certification was renewed
September 29th, 2009 Revised

Scope of certification

Registered names NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
- NTT-AT Group companies -
NTT-AT Systems Corporation
NTT-AT Techno Communications Corporation
NTT-AT Intellectual Property Sharing Corporation
NTT-AT Creative Corporation
NTT-AT Nanofabrication Corporation
Scope of registration (categories) 19 Electrical and optical equipment
28 Construction
31 Transport, warehouse, and communications
33 Information technology
34 Engineering, and research and development
35 Other expert services

Overview of our environmental management system

The system's activity is divided into 15 divisions: 10 divisions within NTT-AT (corresponding to the nine Headquarters, and the Head Office) and 5 divisions corresponding to individual affiliated companies. All the officers and employees of NTT-AT or affiliated companies, as well as resident employees of contractors, a total of about 2,300 members in 28 locations, are included in the system. We are actively pursuing product and service assessment, resource saving, energy saving, proper management of waste materials and chemical materials, etc., with the following as our environmental goals and objectives:

  1. Development of systems and provision of services that contribute to reducing the environmental load
  2. Environmental assessment of the products and services we provide
  3. Resources saving
  4. Energy saving
  5. Proper management of waste materials and chemical materials

Ongoing commitment

By continuing to maintain and operate the environmental management system, we are committed not only to reducing the adverse effects of our business activities on the global environment, but also to developing new products and services that will significantly contribute to reducing the environmental load.

Certificate of Registration, and Appendix

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