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    spacer I have consistently found the caliber of home exchangers to be a "cut above": worldly, educated, interested and open-minded. My exchange partner in Berlin and I worked through a health situation and we were both able to meet when the other was visiting, and gave each other private tours and travel tips. I've never had a bad exchange experience.spacer

    Elliot M
    Greenwich Village, New York, United States
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    spacer We love home exchanging!!! We have done more than 40 all over the US and the world, including England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Australia, and New Zealand. We've visited some wonderful places and met some great people. In fact, the couple we met from our first home exchange are now our best friends.spacer

    Bob K. and Shari M.
    San Francisco, California, United States
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    spacer We have had nothing but good experiences with our many Home Exchanges. We've made some new friends and enjoyed the travel connected with our exchanges. We have also found that everyone who stayed at our house left it in better shape than they found it. We hope to keep doing exchanges for a long time. Financially it can't be beaten.spacer

    Martha and Dan F.
    Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
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    spacer's website makes swapping homes easy. We can post as many photos as we like showing each room of our home, our listing details are a clear narrative, and we can contact swappers through email and hear back quickly, sometimes within a few minutes. All the members I have swapped homes with have been wonderful people.spacer

    Nicole F.
    Manhattan, New York, United States
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    spacer "If you don't travel it's like reading only the first page of a book" The home exchange concept helps makes previously unaffordable destinations possible. Having enjoyed 29 exchanges over more than 20 years from Germany to Australia and Nova Scotia to the Canary Islands, we are strong proponents of

    Joy and Bob A.
    Tampa Florida, United States
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    spacer Over the years of using home exchange, I have learned to take advantage of my flexible nature! As our times may not match up to interested exchangees, we vacate our home to in-laws, sisters or anyone else willing to take us on! Don't let conflicting time factors put you off, think outside the box, and who knows what travels you may come up with!spacer

    Joy and Phil L.
    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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    spacer We have had enormous mileage out of our home exchange and have made exchanges all over the world. We have also made lasting friendships with our exchangers and have sometimes exchanged more than once with the same person. This is a great way to travel and we have found that the exchangers take really good care of your home.spacer

    Yvonne B
    Waialua, Hawaii, United States
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    spacer Within every exchange we have made close friends, and still exchange Christmas cards and postcards with our former exchange partners. Our family loves "living like a local" in all corners of the world: we shop in local supermarkets, play in local parks and of course, take in the local attractions. We cannot imagine traveling any other way!spacer

    The MacDonald Family
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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    spacer has literally been a life changer. The experiences have been amazing, from beach vacations in FL, TX, Mexico, and CA. to cultural city trips to NY, New Orleans, and San Francisco. We have stayed in so many fantastic homes in unbelievable locations. And the added kicker: we've become friends with many of our home exchange partners.spacer

    Keith W.
    Edwards, Colorado, United States
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    spacer We got hooked on home exchanging from the very first experience and have been doing it for 10 years now. There is no better way to travel in our opinion! We get a home with all of its conveniences instead of a hotel room. We make great friends, get local knowledge and save a ton of money on our vacations. It is truly the best way to vacation!spacer

    Paul Y.
    Boca Raton, Florida, United States


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